Sunday, September 29, 2013

So my day was... AMAZING!!!! And now I'm hungry for more....

Oh my goodness oh my goodness! When God gives you what you need he always seems to add on a little sugar to make it sweeter. Agh. This week was a GEM! Shmee challenged (my little challenging missionary;)) to work extra hard this week... MIRACLES HAPPEN. Oh my goodness. So I want to start off with the sad news.... My loving friend, Sister Yuoo has not been answering our phone calls or answering the door when we visit for the past week.... So that was depressing. But we don't feel like we should drop her or give up, so we are going to search for times this week where we can find out what is wrong... ha ha ha ha. Gotta love missionary stalking.... Its the greatest;) so we had a good cry over her yesterday because we just love her and desire so badly for her to get baptized and come unto Christ. So we are working on that.... please pray for her. 

Now for the good news....

So remember that Korean holiday that was last week... well during this holiday all Koreans go back to their home town... so like it is CRAZY busy and there are a bunch of new people in Mokopo and in every area of Korea.  Well during the holiday this frantically hurried woman comes up to me while I'm on the phone, asks me to give her my number. I get of the phone and try to talk to her but she leaves quickly. I did get her phone number but before I could even think she was texting me in English. She said she is looking for English friends to speak to in English...... I HATE ENGLISH. ha ha ha. SO I didn't think anything about it because I thought she was just going to use me for my English abilities. Well we kept texting and on Friday she wanted to meet and go out to dinner. By the way her English Name is Sister Juliet and her Korean name is Sister Wang. So if I call her Juliet, its because it's easier. So anyways... We met... Umm ....okay she is the cutest 31 year old in the world. She is not married and loves learning.She's really good at English and is now like my other half. I love her. Well we met and we got to know each other. She met once with the missionaries in Seoul and she thought they were English teaching missionaries.... and she said they were horrible at teaching English... ha ha ha h a. We explained that we are not here to teach English. But she said when she found me she did not know I was part of the same missionary group. So we talked. She said she believes in God but only when times are rough does she ask for help.She does not have a special religion but believes. She doesn't have a bible, but believes.
With that said, she said after that lesson that she felt really good about meeting us and wanted to meet again. already long story short, we met her again yesterday.... BEST LESSON OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I start out by saying "so can we start with..." she cuts me off and says "we should pray"... umm yes, exactly.... So She asks Sister Wadsworth to pray and says in English so sister Wadsworth can understand,  "please pray for us". SO CUTE!!!! Then we start with the first lesson (LOVE THE FIRST LESSON) I start teaching God is our loving father and she stops me again and says " I feel really warm... I like this feeling". WE explained it was the spirit. So by this point I am DYING of happiness because she is feeling the spirit and the room is on fire! We watch the restoration DVD, she loves it and says all on her own " I want to know if this is true. I will read and pray about this ".  Umm okay,.... way to give yourself your own commitment. She is amazing. Then my amazing companion talked about following Jesus Christ and asked her to be baptized. She said... YES!!!!!!!!!!! for October 27th. She says she still wants to pray about it and to come to church but she will prepare to be baptized:). Then the spiritual lesson is coming to a close and I say "Before we go eat (because she wanted to make dinner together at the church) can we..."  She stops me again and says,  "I will pray".  During the prayer I was asking God to please help her feel the spirit. She prayed to know the truth and to know what to do. She ends the beautiful prayer and says "I don't know why, but I think I will cry.". So of course we were feeling the spirit burn in us and I was just so thankful God touched her open, soft heart. After we ate and talked about the Korean language we were walking out of the church and she said all cute as she hopped down the stairs  (in English) ""I want to be a member of this church". I said "well Sister, we can help you do that because God wants you to be a member too". AGH I LOVE HER!!!!! So my day was... AMAZING yesterday,  and now I'm hungry for more. 

Tonight we meet Louisa who is still planning on being baptized on Oct 20th. And I am just ecstatic. I love this. I know it s all true. Someone who has never "noticed"the spirit before felt the feelings we always explain; peace, warmth, and love. She felt it. She didnt' even know what it was until we told her, but she felt it. I feel it too. Its real. They are real feelings from our loving father in heaven. He loves us so much that he has given us the opportunity to feel the spirit. To lead us, to teach us, to guide us, and to love us. It's true. I know it. And like Joseph Smith, I will never deny it. I love being a missionary. 

Also a little update on Sister Pack..... Agh, she knows it's true, she wants to be baptized, she has made friends with the members... BUT SHE WONT COME TO CHURCH. She tells me every week she will... and then I call her Sunday morning and she says she cant because of her kids.... AGH. I will be having a good talk with her about promised blessings that come from coming to church and from KEEPING THE COMMANDMENTS!!!. I love her but I feel like a mother and she is my child... Well... thinking about it... that's how I feel about all my investigators... I feel like I'm either dating them or babysitting them...ha ha ha. Gotta love it:) I do:)

 I see all these miracles and I am so thankful that I know they are miracles sent from God. And to some, not believing friends, these might not seem like miracles... But I know they are. In Ether 3:5 it reads " ... we know that thou art able to show forth great power, which looks small unto the understanding of Men". We are to look for the miracles that "men" can not see. Because they are there.

Well family... We are all missionaries right?:) Right:) well Christ tells us in Mormon 9:22 " For behold, thus saith Jesus Christ, the son of God, unto ALL his disciples; Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". Lets be a gospel preaching family. Like Elder Holland says "in this family we serve missions". Well also in this family, we peach, love, teach, and testify.

 I love you to the moon and back!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Cole Ensign

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