Tuesday, October 8, 2013

.... no greater joy will be felt than when you can finally SEE.......

This week was a good one. Like always. 

We were promised by our zone leader some amazing promises if we would just focus on teaching with the spirit to their needs. Stop thinking like "our investigator needs to read the book of Mormon." or "Our investigator needs to come to church". Those are not needs. Needs are; "Sister Kim needs to know she is a daughter of God".... "Brother Pack needs to know that he can receive strength from God by keeping commandments." Those are needs. Well that's what my comp and I did this week and we saw miracles. MIRACLES baby!!!! Focus on the needs and teach with the spirit and ALL are uplifted. 

Our sweet Juliet is doing amazing. She keeps saying she loves the spirit she feels when she is with us and I am so glad she is so in tune with that spirit. Little do we know, but we feel him more than we realize or think to acknowledge. God loves us so he WILL send his spirit to strengthen us, lift us, guide us, and help us. ALWAYS. because God ALWAYS loves us. President Hinckley said "We are Gods children ALL THE TIME. Not just when we are good". That is something I LOVE teaching. God loves us all the time. We are his children forever and for always!!!! Sister Juliet knows that. She is still wanting to be baptized on the 27th!!!! Please pray for her because she just has a problem with church attendance..... she doesn't like to wake up. ha ha ha. Shes 31 and still has teenager problems... ha ha,  Love her. 

We also had another investigator, Brother Pack,  who is atheist and doesn't believe in God but he tells us that he wants to believe. He wants to find the truth, and when he finds it, he wants to be baptized!!!! I can not even tell you what this man has gone through and he has come SO far!!!!! I love him. My companion is particularly attached to him in such a spiritual way and she just broke him open and made him soft. I love my comp.  I love it. We really are sent to places that we are needed. God loves us so much. 

I now want to talk about Louisa and Sister Yuoo.... Sister Yuoo doesn't want to ever see us again... we don't know what happened. We visited her ever day this week wondering where she was. We thought something happened to her... ya... her other church told her about us... you know . So now she doesn't want anything to do with us. I love this woman and I know she knows we have the truth and so that was a little heart breaking... And then Sister Louisa.... apparently she has a big problem with the law of chastity....... AGH! I love this woman but we are drilling into her the principle of repentance. Something I wanted to make her understand is the beauty and peace that come from repentance. That it is not a sad thing. Sadness is PART of repentance, but repentance is a beautiful path that leads to happiness and relief from grief, guilt, sin, and EVERY THING THAT MAKES US SICK. I have such a strong testimony about repentance and the atonement and I am not surprised that god put Louisa in my path. I know my testimony can help her. But she cant be baptized... for a long time... she talked to the Mission Pres. and he said she cant be baptized until she is married.... even though she is living with no one... she needs to be married... pure inspiration. I love the spirit. Please pray for my loved ones!!! aka investigators!!!!! 

I read this verse the other day and remembered my hard heart and I just couldn't rend it. No matter what good acts I tried. I needed the atonement. Ether 4: 15 says "Behold when ye shall rent the veil of unbelief which doth cause you to remain in your awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind, then shall the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from you- when you shall call upon the father in my name, when a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then shall ye know that the father hath remembered the covenant with he hath made...." Through the atonement we can have that hard heart rooted out and we will finally be able to see. With all of life's difficulties, trials, sins, heart breaks, we are being blinded by that hard heart and sometimes we don't even know it but when we just humble ourselves,  CHANGE,  and go to the lord, that is when we finally see. Nothing, no greater joy,  will be felt than when you can finally see. That is what I love helping my investigators feel. If you are feeling blinded or that you cant see or if you are angry or sad or confused, you are being blinded by your own will... so now use that will, that gift called agency,  to call upon the Atonement to rend that veil that makes it so you cant see. I know I have to rend that veil every day. 

Mom I love you. Thank you and dad for teaching me and guiding me down the path that teaches me how to "see" and how to rend the veil. I will be forever grateful. 

I love you to the moon and back.

Sister Cole Ensign

God loves you more than to the moon and back:) That's a lot of love. :)

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