Sunday, March 24, 2013

I remembered

Yes I got the package and thank you so MUCH!!!!!! The hair stuff worked perfect and the CD has already been playing non stop ha ha. Its great to work out to in the mornings. ha ha. and the Letters were sent from heaven. I love you so much mom. Thank you. And tell Samantha I loved her letter!!!!!!!! How is she by the way? Lida is the cutest thing in the world to do that for her!!!!!!!! If you could please send me her address I would LOVE to write Lida:) Thanks. Just if you can get it I would appreciate it:) The korean money is just great!!!!!!! Either Korean money or into my account:) So thanks:) Oh your amamzing. and yes!!!!!!! I am so excited to hear from Dee too!!!!!!!!!
Also thanks for the prayers. Today was transfer calls and we will actually have a 3 some conpanionship:) so it will be really good. It will be me, Sister Song and Sister Soe (both koreans) and I couldn't be happier. Sister Soe is a convert and she was in the MTC when I got there:) She is amazing and I am so lucky to be serving with her and Sister Song. We will pick up Sister Soe on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I love companionships:)

By the way that experience with dad was great. I love him so much. And its acutally awesome that he is the ward mission leader because now I can totally relate to how others feel about him. I dont know if we have elders and sisters in our ward, but here in korea our ward mission leader TRULY TAKES CARE OF US AND OUR INVESTIGATORS. He is deep into the work. He loves missionary opportunities and he is always refering someone to us. ALWAYS full of good advice and he really helps us with our missionary work. A lot of what we do would not be possible with out him. The same goes for dad. Its a good thing dad is already amazing at the work and the ward is lucky to have him as the ward mission leader:).
Mom, how is your calling going? I don't even remember if you have the same calling (Stake YW presidency) Also how is the new youth program going? Are the youth keeping their commitements? As missionaries we beg people to keep their commitements. The other night I was talking to our district leader about how I want to be better and asked him if he could once a week, give me and sister Song a commitement. Well he did it and instead of ever week, he gave us a commintement for the coming up general conference which I am already counting down the days for. Practically christmas!!!!!!! Oh I love General conference. This past general conference issue was really special to me. Lets just say I WRIPPED IT APART!!!! I read it every day and I just finished it about 1 week ago. Reading and re-reading the amazing words of our Lord, through his servents has truly blessed my life. I will hold that "Ensign" as a presious book for the rest of my life. It was amazing that every time I read it, something I needed for my self or my investigators (usually both) would be in the talks of the servents of the Lord. It is amazing. Now I am just super excited for more of their words to come to us!!!!!!!!!!
So nothing too exciting this week....................... JUST KIDDING. Sister Ume had her baptism yesterday!!!!!!! Oh my goodness it was the geatest experience of my life. I ahve never had so much joy or so much love in my heart. Seeing someone you love, take the steps that will lead them to the greatest love and happiness, is the most amazign thing to be a part of. Sister Ume was so excited to get baptized adn her momand sister (yes they are also our investigators) came to the baptism. It was so special. to bring the spirit, the cute primary came and sang the song "A child's Prayer"... Something about children and singing always makes me cry..... and feel the spirt..... Agh, Well then came the baptism. Me and sister Song, wanlked with her to the changing room. Right before she entered the water we held her hand, gave her hugs and she burried her hands in her face with a huge smile on her face And then we watched as she walked down the steps into the water of baptism. It only took one time because we practiced a lot. ha ha. But as she came out she was bursting with joy. She was even jumping up and down!!!!!! Of course I had the joy that someone I love had just taken the first steps in faith/ following Jesus Christ! I thought of the talk by Elder Holland when he said " The call is to come back, to stay true, to love God and to lend a hand. I include in that call to fixed faithfulness, every returned missionary who ever stood in a baptisimal font and with arm to the square said ' Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ'. that commission was to have changed your convert forever, but it was surely suppose to have changed you forever as well". Well as she was getting baptized I thought of those words. I thought to my self " how is this changing me?" Well it changed me in a lot of ways; I received another witness that really and truly what we go around teaching and begging others to accept IS REALLY TRUE. It is not just some good message that will bless your life, it is the way to salvation. This really is the way, plain and simple. The other amazing thing about the baptism that changed me is seeing that our testimonies have to be strong enough to stand alone. Sister Ume's mom and sister both have been taught the good work yet they are not getting baptized. WHY????? I believe that Ume's testimony is strong enough to stand on it's own. She has her own family who doubts, but she knows what she has felt. Now I just hope and pray that she contninually remembers what we have taught her, but most importantly what she has felt. Alma 5:26 says "... if ye have experienced a change of heart and if ye have felt to sing the song of redemming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" Well the other way it changed me was how it reminded me of how I have been changed. How my covenant making and keeping has changed me. I have never been happier than when I REMEMBERED. It is when I forget that I feel lost. IT truly was a very special day.

And then to add to the happiness, Sister Lee (our investigator who struggled with polygamy of early saints) said she will be baptized! Other investigators commited to come to chruch and more people have fallen in love with our message. So many amazing experiences it would take 3 more hours to tell. But lets just say it was a HUGE miracle week.
Thank you so much for the love and prayers. I love you all so much.!!!!!!!

Mom, thank you for the love, support and prayers. Your loving, helpful prayers. Tell dad and the family I love them. you are all in my prayers. Dee is going to do amazing!!!!!! I am so excited for her!!!!!!!

I love you to the moon and back!!!!!!!
Sister NICOLLE Ensign

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I do know....

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!!!! I don't think I could be any happier!!!!!!! ha ha. Oh my goodness my companion and area are AMAZING!!!!! But before I talk about how happy I am I first want to explain what an emotional wreck I was last week as I said goodbye to my favoirte couple in Gwanju!!!!!! So they heard I was being trasfered so they took me and sister Hurt out to eat at this REALLY expensive place and they invited two potenitial investigators!!!!!! the food was great and we took a picture which I will send and then Sister Jung came up to me (she is super good at english and lived in america so she talked to me in English) and said " I want you to know how much you have touched our hearts and we will remember you forever." Then her eyes filled with tears and so of course so did mine and then she said "It will be hard.... but we love you". AGH I cried like a baby as she hugged me!!!!!! and she made me promise I would come back to see her again. Mom, I can't even begin to explain how amamzing she has been. She has been you here in Korea!!!!! She literally is the Korean version of you and saying good bye to her was like saying goodbye to you again! SOOOO HARD! So ya. I really was sad to say goodbye to my members and investgators but I know God needs me here.
BUT now that the sadness is explained let me tell you how happy I am!!!! Umm, okay, I thought Gwanju was good.... well Junju is AMAZING!!!! Oh my goodness, I love the members here and the investigators are amazing and we are SUPER SUPER busy. I don't think I have been more busy in my entire life. So let me explain how much I love my new companion!!!!!!! Her name is Sister Song (in korean her name means Grace). WEll..... she is the korean version of Jen Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I don't think I have stopped smiling. ha ha ha ha. She knows not very much english and the only thing she really says is "it's okay", "Sister are you okay" " I am so happy". ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh my goodness and she goes 100mph yet is really slow and foregts everything, including her mind somethimes, but oh my goodness we have so much fun together. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE HER!!!!! She has been so amazign. She is just serving me like I am a queen and she just loves me!!!!!! I love sister song!!!!!!
My first night here we went to the ward mission leaders house so I could introduce myself and while we were there we played the guitar and ate oranges. Talk about happiness!!!!!! surprisingly the members are mistaken that my Korean is really good. They say my accent is really good and so they think because I have a good acent that I know all the korean vocab.... well I may sound like I know korean but I don't.... ha haha. It is great fun.... ha ha . I just nod my head and say thank you ha ha. It is funny. but yes, the korean language is coming. It really helps having a korean companion. She speaks english while I speak Korean. We are able to communicate but sometimes we misunderstand eachother and it is really funny.!!!!! Luckily we do understand eachother when it comes to our investigators and lessons. Which leads me to an interesting story...
So 2 days ago we had a lesson with an investigator who studied english at BYU and met the missionaries there and now is meeting with us. She really is amazing but..... she is caught up on how we use to do polygamy.... so the enitre lesson was in english and was her asking questions and me answering in english those questions about polygamy..... ya..... lets just say it was the hardest lesson of my life!!!!!!!! But it was also the easiest because I had the simple answers. I told her it comes down to her praying about all her questions and praying to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet or not. She came to church the next day and then said she would like to come to church every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya buddy! so ya,..... I hope she prays becuase I know if she prays, she will receive an answer. We will ask her to be baptized next week!!!!!!!! Love her!!!!! But that night after the lesson I just layed in bed thinking about the lesson. I also got confused about the doctrine of polygamy and was actually doubting a little of what I thought I knew. Well I knew what I needed to do to get the doubt of my mind. I of course went back to what I knew my testimony was. Which is very simple, but I know it. I know that God lives and loves His children. I know Christ suffered the Atonment and that the atonment power is the greatest power we can use through repentance. I know Christ died for us becaue he loves us and he made a way for us to return. I know that way is Faith, Repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. I know that the reason I know the way is because God restored the church through his chosen prophet, Joseph Smith. I know he was a prophet. I know that God loves both his chilren in Jerusalem and he loved his children in America and so he talked to all of his children and that is why we have both the bible and Book of Mormon. I know the Book of mormon is the word of God. I know That I can live with my fmaily forever because of the promises we have made in the temple!!!! That is what I know and that is all that matters and it is what makes me happy!!!!!!!
Also this week there was a member who fell in love with me and so he took us (me and my comp and the elders) out to dinner. ha ha. Well he is an old man and loves old korean dishes and so we ate super korean food which was pig blood intestine soup. oddly enough, it was really good. haha. I am serious. I really do love korean food!!!!!!!
So yes, my week has been REALLY good. Many ups and downs but mainly ups!!!!!!!!!!!! Siter Kim is still planning on getting baptized and Sister Hurt said she will keep me updated:) so yes. I love serving in Korea!!!!!!!! I love my new comp! My favoirte part about her is that she likes to be clean and smell good!!!!!! Oh I love it!!!!!!!! She also makes good korean food for me and we just have a lot of fun!!!!! I Love her!!!!!
Well I love you all so much. I am so happy to get your emails and I fell your prayers every day!!!! I love you all to the moon and back. Mom, thank you for the e-mail!!!!! Give everyone a big hug and kiss for me. And Dad, go smoke something in that new smoker of yours!!!!!!! ha ha!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sister Nicolle Ensign