Monday, September 2, 2013

I Hate Satan

Hey mom!!!! Sorry this e-mail is super late getting to you. I went with my comp and some other sisters on a boat to an island for the day and we had to leave early in order to get back on time so I am e-mailing late. Sorry.
So.... Sister Yuoo is not getting baptized.:(((.. aka my week has been titled...  I HATE SATAN.  Seriously. He has been killing the work lately. When we called to meet sister yuoo she was a little weird but we met anyways.... and ya she was completely drunk...... like it was dangerous. She was getting upset and mad. Well come to find out her x husband would not let her see the kids... again and she was heart broken and so she drank her pain away... but it didn't go away..... She called us today and said she missed us and was sorry and that she wants to meet again!!!! So we were happy about that but there wont be a baptism. But its okay. It's more important for her to be okay and worthy and ready to be baptized than to hurry and get her baptized.
But of course more miracles happened because guess what.... I serve in miracle Mokopo:) On Monday we met 2 new investigator who said they want to learn English and that they want to know if God exists.... umm yes we can help you with both:) They are 2 really amazing investigators and tonight we are giving them a baptismal date:) So we are excited about that. Please pray for us:)
then.... AGH I love Sister Pock Gyoung He!!!!!!!!!! Agh.  I wish I could explain how I feel about his woman. I feel like I was sent here for her!!!!!!!! My heart just bursts every time I see or talk to her or even think about her. I asked all of the relief society to pray for her this week!!!! Miracles happen. She was not able to come to church but she called me on Sunday and said "when we meet on Tuesday I want to pick a date to get baptized"... UMM OKAY!!!! we can definitely help you with that!!!!! Then we met with great less actives this week and a member gave us 2 referrals. It is amazing. So listen to this.... in this year so far our whole zone has gotten 10 baptisms... well our stake president prayed, fasted and received revelation and asked every ward, every month  to get 10 baptisms. My comp and I,  prayed, fasted and we want to help accomplish this goal. It came from God and with God all things are possible. So this month of September we are setting our goal of getting 10 friends baptized in Mokopo. Please pray for us. (mom, please put MOKPO on the names for the temple). Thank you. We are scared to death as to how we will accomplish this goal, but we have the faith. We just want to do the work and so that is what we will do. DO THE WORK!!!!!! God sent us here not to do our work but to do his and so we will. I have the faith that if God wants it to happen, and we are obedient and work hard, Gods will, will be manifested. Please pray for us.
Other miracles this week (which made me so happy and made me think of Shmee and Grandpa ensign). We found 3 potential investigators. 2 of which lived in New Zealand and one lived in Fiji and LOVES Australia.  They all want to meet. Miracles happen.
God lives and loves us. I know it. I am so thankful to be a missionary. I am so sorry this weeks e-mail is short and not detailed but I do just want to tell you how much I love my savior. He lives. I know he does. God loves us. god wants us to return to him. So we could return to him, he sent his perfect, only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to earth to give us an example to follow and a way to return. That was a sacrifice for our God, to allow his Son, Christ, to suffer for our sins. But because of that, we have an example to follow. It's a perfect example that we can follow so we can make it back to God. I am so thankful to know that god has a plan and that Christ came. He fulfilled the plan and now it is up to us to choose whether or not to follow the plan. As a missionary I get to show people how to find and follow this plan. I get to show people how to obtain TRUE happiness. I couldn't be happier. I never want this to end.
I love you to the moon and back.
Love Sister Cole Ensign

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