Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the most spiritual, life touching lesson I have ever been a part of..... It changed my life

Wow!!!!! I am so in love with your canning! I would die to sink my teeth into a tomato... they only eat rotten ones here.... delicious.... or at least I have only eaten rotten ones that grandmas shove into my mouth. h ha ha. Gotta love Korea.. Mom I am so glad you are reading that book... ha ha funny thing too because for the last 3 months our ward was challenged to read that book 3 times and then to find ways to do missionary work. our stake president swears by that book, our ward mission leader has read it 3 times and our ward members are reading it. Chapter 14 about sister Fulcher was actually introduced to our mission back when President Furness was with us. It has been a model for our mission. That man who wrote that book actually served in Korea. If I am correct. That is what every one is telling me. But I wanted to get that book. Our mission is trying to order it for all the missionaries. amazing stuff. But I am so glad you are reading it and trying to find little ways to do missionary work. Those "baby steps" are anything but baby.
So this week was good. every week is just miracles week in Mokopo!!! I love Mokopo!!!!!!
Monday miracle; we met an investigator and decided to refer her to the elders. So in order to introduce them to the elders we all met.... we had the most spiritual, life touching lesson I have ever been a part of. It changed my life. I cant explain everything, but just imagine a room full of missionaries crying explaining how the Atonement has changed and blessed their lives, to a woman (investigator) who just cried and said how she cant be strong any more and how she needs someone to rely on and to help her. It was the most touching experience that me and the missionaries have ever had. It changed my life. The Atonement changes us, picks us up, and gives EVERYONE HOPE!!!! The Atonement is real.
The rest of the week was filled with miracles but I will skip to yesterday.
Sunday miracle; AGH!!!!! So all day yesterday I kept thinking about Sister Pack Kyung Me. She is the investigator we met and she said she wanted to be baptized but that she wanted to come to church first. Well we met her on wed and something was just off. She usually is really excited to pray but she refused to pray.....I knew something was up. She has been having a lot of problems with her husband and wants to divorce him.... sadly..... so all day yesterday I was debating with myself if we should go drop by... and drop by I mean take long bus ride across the bridge to the other island... which means that she would be the only thing we would do after church... I was wondering if it would be a waste of time because we would take all this time to go out there and we would only be able to talk to her for about 5 minutes and then have to turn right back and come home in order to get home on time..... I didn't want it to be a waste of time... And it was not. It was totally inspired of the lord to go see her. To make it worth it, I made banana bread and a really cute message card with D&c 78:17-18 on it. Oh don't worry we only met the new greatest investigator of our lives which makes us now have 13 investigators. And when we visited sister Pack she just blew up with happiness. She is a shy woman so it was not literally blowing up, but the light in her eyes just grew and she was SO thankful that we came by. I really hope she will be baptized. Every time I am with her I feel like I have known her forever,... Like she is the whole reason I came to Mokopo.... or even Korea. I love this woman. So ya. Miracles happen. In Mokopo... because it's miracle Mokopo:)
So Sister Yuoo.... AGH .....break my heart... she was drunk again when we went to go visit her.... so we couldn't teach a lesson... but she wants to be baptized that little stinker. We are working on her. And sister Louisa. AGH ....I love her. She said last week that she really just wants to go to the temple to do the work for her family. we talked about baptism and she said she needs to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon first. So we decided to read with her every day. So we called her today and shes reading from the beginning. And she said she will pray about it. Please pray for her.
I love missionary work. I agree with Dee!!!! I cant believe the time that has passed since I have been a missionary. I feel like God has done more for me than I have for him and that is NOT why I came on a mission. I came to help God, but he is just making it even harder for me to catch up. I now owe him more and more....:)).. ha ha ha. But I just love this work. I love the miracles I have seen, the people I have been able to teach and the miracles I have been able to witness. God lives. I know it. I gave a talk in church yesterday about how God and Christ live and how when we share the truth we know, our faith in them turns into a sure conversion. Others need what we have. Others NEED it. Not just that it will be cute to have scriptures by the night stand, or that it will be fun to get dunked under the water, or that we get to go to church with our friends. Those things are fun, but we NEED this gospel, and as lucky members of the church, we have it. So what do we need to do.....? Share it. That's what God asks of us. Just like God commands us to read the scriptures, go to church, not drink beer, serve others, and to keep other commandments; He also commands us to share this gospel. I love this message. I love that I get to share it with the children in Korea. And I am so blessed that I get to do it with 3 of my favorite people; Sister Wadsworth (comp), The spirit and my Chelsea. My life is pretty darn good. I love you mom. Tell Bubba , way to go in Lax. Tell Sam good luck in horse back riding and soccer. Tell dad I love him and thanks for supporting me on this mission. And tell  Dee (well shmee your reading this ) But Thanks for doing this with me and for being my friend and sister , my back bone. I love you. And thank you mom for your endless love and e-mails. I love you to the moon and back.
Sister Cole Ensign
so like... I don't want to talk about the fact that it's already been a year since I have been on my mission.... the worst feeling in the world!!!!! I HATE  how fast TIME is going!!!!!!!!!!

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