Thursday, September 12, 2013

Everyone needs the gospel right ?

So lets just say I think I have a referral for shmee.... the elders were walking from the church last week and this crazy foreigner came up to them and started off about how she has been looking for the Mormon missionaries EVERYWHERE. .... umm okay... that's a miracle. Her name is Louisa McMillian. She is from New Zealand and her fam lives in Perth Australia right now.... um okay tender mercy.  Well Louisa has been researching the church for about 5 years now and knows more about our church than I do. Literally when we met I asked her why she was not a member yet. Apparently one of the members in Seoul Korea said some bad things about her and it just hurt her. but then she said "but I guess this gospel is about Christ and not the members right?".... umm "YES EXACTLY". seriously the whole time she was talking she was just sharing her testimony about our gospel and I was throwing up because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. (not literally throwing up... hey dad I think I still exaggerate a little... just a little;) love you). So she said she wanted another copy of the BOM and that she would read it and pray about it and then she would talk with her boyfriend about not living with each other anymore and that she wanted to come to church. She said all of this with out us asking for one single commitment. She gave herself her commitments. We were all dying. Like us missionaries didn't say a word. We just kept saying "ummm YES". ah ah, ha ha. Amazing miracles. Lousia is moving to a new apt with other foreigners and needs ours and the elders help moving and she said "I'll introduce you to my house friends. Everyone needs the gospel right?"..... "UMM YES LOUISA". She is amazing.
The other miracle was sister Yuoo. she came to church yesterday and set another baptismal date for the 28th. She is wanting to change. She said she was in an accident a few years ago and so when she gets stressed she just drinks. So when she called us she was drunk. But so funny, yesterday she called me and was like (in Korean) "Hey I need to go to church today, I'm getting baptized right?". a ah ha. Ya... that was interesting. Didnt' think I would ever tell someone they COULDNT be baptized on my mission.
There are other miracles but I'm out of time.  I just wanted to thank you for your prayers and the e-mail. Mom your e-mails are so uplifting. And Dad, thank you so much for your e-mail. It is so good to hear how proud we make you. I am so thankful to have 2 amazing parents who showed me the path. I bore my testimony to my investigators yesterday about praying as a family and how it truly blesses us. Thank you for helping me receive those blessings. The gospel is for families. I love you to the moon and back.
I found some AMAZING SCRIPTURES this week. 2 Cor 10:3 "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh".  We are at war. Not a war of the flesh, but of a spiritual battle. I may walk in the flesh, but I'm fighting for something a lot bigger than that.
Love you to the moon and back
Sister Cole Ensign

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