Monday, August 5, 2013

I don't think I will ever have the heart or physical strength to leave Mokopo.......

MOM!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I don't even know where to start. Okay I
> will start by saying how hard it was to leave Jeonju. I Said goodbye
> to my friends and investigators and just cried with my comp. I will
> really miss jeonju. BUT the sun is shining!!!!!

 Lets start with> Thursday;
 The day I picked up Sister Wadsworth at the mission home was
> a great day. President Shin pulled me aside and told me I could do it.
> The miracles are there and Mokopo is ready to Pop! President Shin said
> he is expecting a lot from this area. So we left for mokopo and as
> soon as we got there... WE WERE IN LOVE. Talk about beautiful. My
> whole mission I have thought how ugly Korea is.... NOT MOKOPO!!!!!!! I
> am surrounded by ocean and some of our members live on separate
> islands that we have to go to. IT IS BEAUTIFUL HERE!!!!!! So right as
> we get into our apt I freak out... our members got us a MANSION!!!!!!
> Like it's the nicest house any missionary has in Korea and it is in
> such a nice are and I feel like a queen. Ya we still don't have a stove
> or oven or heated water but that will come. ha ha.
   Adventures! So my companion and I were just in heaven.
 The Elders came over and gave us food and they gave us their beds to sleep on. They
> are so nice.

Friday; we met with our elders and we talked about our
> area!!!!!!!! So here I have been in Korea thinking the members hated
> missionary work... NOT IN MOKOPO!!!!!! Our members are so excited for
> missionary work and they are so excited that  sisters are here now!  We are the first sisters
in this are.> I love it. We also spent Friday buying everything for our house...
> that was also an adventure.... we looked like \crazy Americans... but
> what's new... haha.

 Sat; We decided to do missionary work. Forget the
> house and get to work. and that's what we did. We heard that there
> was a festival going on on Sat so we got with the elders and did some
> proselyting and surveys and gave away some Book of Mormons!!!!!!! We
> got SO many people who wanted to meet with us. and... we had a
> miracle!!!! Of course because I live in miracle Mokopo!! So my  comp
and I were talking , for me to teach her some Korean , and we look up and
> there is a man at out table. We talk to him and he says that he is
> friends with one of our members. so of course I talk to him. Come to
> find out he lived in Provo UT for a while and finds the Mormons a
> great group of people. I felt impressed to invite him to church for
> the next day and he said yes.

Sunday; Me and my comp are welcomed by
> the ward like queens!!!!! Amazing! There was even a member who got up
> to give her testimony and said that us sisters reminded her of the
> missionaries that baptized her and now she wants to have us teach her
> parents the message. THEN,  the man we met on Saturday CAME TO CHURCH
> and don't worry we had a lesson with the bishop and he wants to be
> baptized. umm okay... since when does that happen.... MIRACLES!!!!!
> Then at church it was the most spiritual sacrament meeting I have ever
> been to in Korea. Every young man got up and bore his testimony and in
> relief society it was spiritual and I was just in heaven. Not going to
> lie, sometimes I am nervous to bring investigators to relief society
> because they sometimes just talk... about nothing..... we even had an
> investigator one time ask "what is this time for"..."Its a time to
> learn about the gospel".....the sisters were talking about problems
> with their kids for all for all of relief society and the investigator
> turned to me and said "shouldn't this be a time where we talk about
> Christ"..... ya that was a slap in the face. But she is right. But
> here in Mokopo they know whats right. They are members who don't need
> lifting, they lift others. It is amazing.

 I am so blessed to serve
> here. We already have 5 appointments set this week for investigators
> and I am just so excited to serve here. Ya it's a little overwhelming
> training and opening this area , but it is also a time where I get to see miracle
> after miracle. It is amazing. I am so blessed! I don't think I will
> ever have the heart or physical strength to leave Mokopo. Sorry mom
> and dad, you may be coming to Korea to rip me from the Mokopo area;)
> But I love it. I love this mission and I am seeing god just take over
> and feel I am his tool. It is a miracle. I wish I could explain all
> the miracles but I have to go.

 Love you to
> the moon and back!!!!!
> Love collie Ann:)
> p.s.. I am so glad to hear everything is going well with the family.
> Tell Kenna I love her and Trevor and that they are in my prayers. I hope
> everything goes well with his dad. I will pray. Love you

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