Monday, August 19, 2013

We call it "Miracle Mokopo" and let me tell you why.

Agh...... I just want to give a shout out to Kenna and Trevor:) congrats you two love birds:) Agh,  I just cried my eyes out looking at all those pictures. I think I miss it more than I thought I would. I love you Kenna, so much. I am so proud of you and for marrying in the temple. We spend our whole childhood and life preparing to go the temple and you made it!!!!!! And Kenna I know Chelsea couldn't be more happy and excited for you! I love you. Chelsea loves you too. I know it.
Mom it sounds like your week was crazy but good:) I am so thankful you put my name it the temple. I am feeling better and heaven knows I need it. Me and my comp were laying on the floor after planning, letting the fans blow on us and my comp said "I didn't think it would be this hard but,  I really miss going to the temple. "I totally agree. You just miss it. All I know is I will not do anything to make it so I cant go to the temple because not being able to go is.... to say the least.... difficult. It's at the temple where you feel at home. Luckily me and my companion are the 2 most blessed sisters in Korea and we live right by the ocean. so my "temple" is every morning while exercising, I get to go out and stand on the edge of the bridge and look at the rising sun I catch a glimpse of the temple. Gods Glory. It's amazing.  I see his hand everywhere. How could you not! So ya,  I get to run by the ocean every morning and I am NOT complaining. Yes it is hot, but there is a breeze and Jeonju was hotter. ha ha. Mokopo is amazing. We call it "Miracle Mokopo" and let me tell you why.
1 (out of 5billion). Before sisters were transferred to Mokopo, the elders were going shopping for food on p-day when a woman frantically ran up to them and asked for a book of mormon and their information. The elders got her number but when they gave it to us they warned us that she might be a little crazy. they thought she was drunk or on drugs when they first met her. So we called her and set up an appointment. She wanted to meet in her house so we went to this little apartment and walked into a MESS. pretty sure she could be on Korean Horders. We sit down with her and she says she is sorry that she stinks because she has been out walking all day. And then she goes on to tell us about her life..... by the end of her stories we were all in tears because she has NOT a good life. My heart just hurt for her.  Her house and life are a mess because her body is sick. She says she cant eat and no on e will hire her because she has to go to the Dr. a lot. But she then talked about God and her faith in him. SHE HAS SO MUCH FAITH!!!!! I cant even believe it. Agh. We told her that her life can become better through this message that we have for her and that through Christ's atonement and healing power, she can be completely healed and  through this gospel she can find her life again. her husband divorced her and took the 2 kids and wont allow her to see them. She is just so SAD!!!!! Well thats when we shared our HAPPY message!!!!!!!! She accepted to be baptized and yesterday when she came to church she was a hole new person. Happy and SO cute. She is 35 years old and her name is sister Yuoo and she came to church yesterday and was all excited to be there and was happy to be baptized. All of the members just kept saying "She is amazing. she is so prepared...etc." It was truly amazing. I cant believe it still and I am still waiting for something bad to happen because there is no way things could be this perfect. I need more faith but she is just so prepared. I think she does have a drinking problem and a smoking problem but we can fix that. I am just so excited~!!!!!! Please pray for her. her baptismal date is September 8th:) She is so excited!!!!!! Love it.
2  So after church with sister Yuoo we took a bus together home. ha ha ha. She was so on fire that we got on the bus and this cute little boy with his mom said "hi" in English and that was all Sister Yuoo needed to start.... she then told this son and mom that they needed to meet me. she got their number for me and the rest was history. So not my investigator is doing missionary work for me. ha ha haha.Ya insane!!!!! Agh,...... miracles happen!!!! God lives.
3  Another great English class with our investigators. I made a really fun English game that everyone really loved and so it is getting our investigators to think more about us and what we are about. the harder you work at serving someone, the more they feel your love. As much as I hate being an English teacher, when you really serve (by teaching English) people take notice and wonder what you are all about and start to ask questions and they also introduce you to their friends.
4   So we visited a member with cancer at her photo shop. Sister Kim. We shared a message about the restoration and then asked her to share her testimony in a book of mormon so that we could give it to someone. (really good inspiration I had from God to get the members to think about missionary work. When I meet a member I have them write their testimony in a BOM and then when I give the BOM out I call the member and tell them about that person.) Well,  we asked her to do the same and she gets up and comes back with2 BOM's already filled with her testimony!!  I just started to cry because here is this faithful mother with cancer who in her free time was thinking of sharing a book of mormon with someone and took the time to write her testimony in it. It was so amazing.
Well there is my amazing week,  filled with miracles and happiness. My sweet companion has been such a help. She is fire ball that wants to work hard and that is all I could ask for. Good times, happy times and blessed times.
And just like Nephi says in 3nephi 5:13 "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of god. I have been called of him to declare his words among his people, that they might have ever lasting life". I love you to the moon and back.
Love Sister Cole Ensign

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