Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What are you doing here if you don't give it all you've got

How are you??!?!?!?!?! I hope you are doing well considering yours and dad's lives were in danger this week!!!!!! Agh I am so thankful you are doing alright! But I will continue to pray for you!!!! Agh, I am so thankful you were safe!!!! And as for your car.... RIP. ha ha.
Funny story... not really funny....so my companions don't get along.... . . The drama used to be sad but now it is funny because they are trying to be nice to each other but then to me they will look like they are going to kill each other. . Man its sad but president told me to not get down and to just work and so this week we have really just worked and I couldn't be happier. I love this work. My comps have wanted to stay inside and cry and so one of the day's I became senior and I took the phone, and told my comps that we were going out to teach people about christ. So that's what we did. The best way to get over sorrow or frustration is to go forget yourself. That's been my motto this week. ha ha. yes, my weeks' been good. President called and wants us to have an emergency transfer. He got me on the phone and said "I'm so sorry Sister Ensign. Your companions are dramatic and you are the american that doesn't understand them when the fight.... THank you for being patient". So we will be having an emergency transfer, but I am happy because they both love me. I have tried to help them but they both don't want to change. They just want the other person to change.... so ya..... But I am happy.
Today we will go with our district to the zoo!!!!!!!! So fun. Actually its awesome because in Korea they are really relaxed with you touching the animals so we will be playing with goats and zebras today. so fun!!!!!
I'm glad bubba had a good birthday! You are so cute to try to make it so special for him. I bet bubba had a great day!!!!
So this week was SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! It started out so fun when we met with our investigator sister Sin. We taught her a lesson and invited her to be baptized. She has been meeting with us for 2-3 months now and so we really want her to make steps to baptism. She was very honest and said " I love being with you missionaries and I do love some things you teach but I also love my church. I just think I will need some more time". That is okay. Sometimes the lost ones take a while to find their way, but she has hands helping her and she likes the helping hands. So it was a good lesson but SO cute was after the lesson she said " I have a surprise for you". So drove us to a park and then all the sudden the park turned into a Zoo... haha. So ya. I don't think we are allowed to go to the zoo on a working day but our investigator took us. I talked to the zone leader about it after and he said it was okay. but it was so special to get with her on a personal level and just love her. Her daughter works in Seoul and so she feels a little alone sometimes so she said she was thankful to have some girl time:) So cute. Love her. Yes I wish she would receive baptism now but her conversion is on her time table and the Lords. She is sweet woman though. I love her.
The other cool thing was that on Thursday we randomly got a call from a member and she said " I would like to introduce you to one of our non member friends who I met at school". WE said YES of course. But then she began to explain that she would like us all to eat dinner together, we said YES. Then she said that the dinner was a wedding dinner... ah ha we said... lets call the Zone leader to see if its okay... ha ha. We got permission and off we went to a traditional Korean wedding!!!!!!!!!! OH MY AMAZING!!!!!! The wedding was only 20 minutes and then we ate dinner but the fist cool part was that the wedding was in an old Korean town. It is famous in Korea because it is true ASIA!! and so I felt like I was stepping into a different country when I went and it was so fun! The wedding was beautiful and I was just so thankful to see some Korean culture and traditions!!!!!!! And then our referral was amazing. So it was pretty much the best day ever!!!!! ha ha.
Yesterday was AMAZING!!!! WE got a referral from a woman in our ward who just moved from Seoul. Both of her children are not members and so yesterday we taught them the first lesson!!!!! OH MY AMAZING!!!!! I can't even begin to explain the spirit that was there. The boy is 17 years old and I thought for sure he would shrug it off but NO!!! I was eating every word we were saying. It was amazing!!!!!! He said he would pray and read the BOM!!!!!! Mom, he looks like he has been living for this truth his entire 17 years of life. He is so cute!!!!!!!!! Agh I 'm in love with his tender spirit. He actually reminds me a lot of bubba. I think that's why I love him so much!!!!! Agh I love it. But we shared the Josephs smith experience when he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and the spirit was a think as silk!!!! I was a beautiful moment on my mission!!!!! I love sharing this message. And God really helped me with the language!!!! It was amazing!!!!
I love missionary work!!!!
I love you mom!!!! Thank you for your love and support!!!! Your in my prayers. I hope you are still okay. THere is something my mission president told us and I think it also applies to us in our lives, not just missionary work. he said "What are you doing here if you don't give it all you've got". I love that. Lets give it all we've got and we will be so happy. I love you mom!!!!!
Love Sister Collie Ann

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