Monday, April 8, 2013


Well hello dearest mother.

Oh I just loved your e-mail. Thank you so much for every week sending e-mails!!!!!!!!! Mom I love you so much,  I am so thankful you are my mother. We have not seen conference yet but your excitement made me excited too:) I just love conference!!!!!! It is like Christmas as a missionary.

Things here are going well. Last night we ate with the bishop and his family and it was an answer to our prayers. For weeks we have been praying about how to do missionary work with the wards we are over and last night with the bishop he have us some really inspired ideas that we are so excited to try. And all of them have to do with love and service. As missionaries in Korea a HUGE part of our work is taking care of our members. When we help our members, we receive blessings, they are strengthened and with the members trust us, they trust us to teach their friends! So it was such a blessing to get advice and guidance from the bishop in how we can do effective missionary work.

Also this week we met two new investigators through a new family in our ward. They are high school students and their step mom is a member and they are just more interested in the ways of LDS saints:) It is amazing to teach people who want to meet me for the gospel. Not going to lie, I get a little frustrated when I meet investigators and all they want it for me to teach them English.... ha ha. I am wanting to be a missionary not a English teach. BUT at the same time, we have seen miracles of people who have English interest and then when they hear our message, they change to gospel interest. This truly is the gospel of Jesus Christ! Oh I love this work.

Also we have really tried to pull together as a companionship and try to forget ourselves and go to work. I am learning Korean quickly. Some days are better than others but that's the joy of learning Korean. I am blessed to see the hand of the lord in this work every day.

This week we met with Sister Lee (struggled with polygamy) and she said she wants to be baptized on May 24th:) Happiness:) Oh my goodness I am just so excited for her! She still has a lot of questions every time we meet but it is just a greater testimony to us and to her that she REALLY is doing this because she believes. There are many things for us to doubt but when we feel that spirit we can say as Joseph Smith said "I knew it and God knew it and I could not deny it". The only problem we have as natural men is REMEMBERING. But we are so blessed to have this gospel and to share it with others. WE just need to REMEMBER what the lord has done for us and REMEMBER what the spirit has taught us!!!!!!

Yes mom I am getting Dees e-mails and I can't believe she is going to Washington. It looks like the Lord needs her for a short time in Washington. She will bless the lives of the Washington people that is for sure. I about cried when I saw the picture of her and Sister Gelder and Dee wearing her name tag. AGH, that is the most rewarding picture to see of Her!!!!!! I couldn’t be happier for her. I am so excited for her yet my heart goes out for her because I can't imagine not having my visa. Thatwould be a little heart breaking, but God needs here where she is. I have learned that in a very real way.

Right now we have become really close with a divorced woman in our ward. Mom she reminds me a lot of you. She is so humble and really just takes care of us missionaries. It is such a tender mercy to have angels build me up and take care of me everywhere I go.


I am so thankful! I love this work mom. In five days you will get to count down to when I get home... one year left..... That will be happy for you, but wow, I am crying at the thought of how soon that is. I love this work and I don't know if I will ever want to be released. I love this name badge, I love the full time work, I love being amissionary. Don't get me wrong, I miss you like crazy and I will be happy to be home but this time in my life I will miss forever. I am living each day knowing this is the greatest time I will have as a 22 year old daughter of God. Mom, I love you. Angles are watching over me and God is with me. More than ever I know that God is always with us. I love you to the moon and back.
Mom I love you. Thank you for supporting me. Tell Bubba good Job on the ACT. Tell Sam I love her and that I think about her a lot and tell dad I love him too and sorry that his e=mail was short. I will be writing you all letters instead because today's e-mails were a little crazy.


Sister Ensign/ Collie Ann

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