Monday, April 15, 2013

God is with us, I promise

So of course this week was amazing because it was conference!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I had 3 really important questions I needed answered and mom, straight up, plain and simple, they were answered. The lord really does work through his servants!!!! And it was sooooooo good for our investigators and members to hear and be lifted by the servants of the lord!!!!!! I can't wait for the 'ensign' to come out!!!! What a blessing to have a prophet who speaks to us today! The church is true!!! I can imagine you are a bit freaking out by what is going on in North Korea. As a mission and as missionaries we are WELL aware of the situation. The Mission president has taken action and made sure all of us missionaries know plans to take IF anything happens. Mom I have no fear. The only thing that makes me cry is that if anything happens then I will have to leave korea. Mom, I am not leaving Korea. I am needed here and I need korea. Yes, if the lord needs us to leave we will leave but only if that. The Korean people are not afarid of what NK is doing. They say this happens all the time and our president said there is nothing to worry about the only thing we need to worry about is if we are taken out of korea, because if we are taken out, the poor Korean people who should have received the gospel will not. That is scary and heart breaking. But we are not leaving and there is nothing to worry about! Yes I can imagine you are freaking out, just like the other missionaires parents but I promise you mom, we are in good hands! President Furness is smart and he has taught us where to go and if anything happens we are on a plane ride to america in a heart beat. Don't worry though!!!!!! The Korean People say that NK is all talk and they will be distroyed by everyone if they do anything. NK is all talk and no action!
So our investigators are the same. This week we were not able to meet with a lot of them because they were busy... but the work is still pressing on! Genertal Conference, AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Alma 12:29 says- There fore he sent angels to converse with them who caused men to behold of his glory." Our angels are the prophets. I shared this scripture with my comps and said, we too can be peoples angels. I told them my mom is an angel. I told them that we need to strive to keep the spirit with us and work with the sipirit so we can be someone's angel!
I am doing so good. Last week my companions were going to kill eachother but we have worked things out and now we are a happy house that is focused on missionary work. :)
My comp sister Seo is amazing. She is a convert of about 3 years and mom, she is a working horse missioanry. We get a lot done and we work with the spirit. WE are two peas in a pod and we just have become best friends. I love both of my companions and I am so thankful to work in a 3 some! Such a good experience and my korean is rapidly becoming better. ha ha. Also my english is becoming CRAZY!!! Mom, Shmee would be dying if she heard me speak english. In order to communicate with my comps I have to speak "korean english".... oh its the worst and I make no sense to americans but the koreans understand. ha ha. It is the worst.  so funny!!!!
Mom, I love you!!!! Like I said before you are my angel. Literally. You have been an insturment in the lords hands for me, so thank you for helping me, loving me, and teaching me the way!  I'm glad you got the package. It's noting big, just something from Korea. I LOVE your present. I use it a lot and LOVE it!!!!! Hope you like it!!!
I want you to know as I listned to conference I was focusing on Elder Eyrings talk first session of sat morning ! I love and hate agency sometimes. I wish I could take it from my investigators and just give them this gospel and gods love and have them love it like I do.   Presidnet Eyring said "When you serve you may not receive every blessing you want for yourself and for your family, but I promise he will abide with you". God is with us. He is abiding with us. My favorite hymn is "Abide with me tis even tide". Life is tough and we may not get what we want, but God will always be there for us. He is that comfort in times where we are angry, frustrated, heartbroken, and lonely. God is with you I promise. Keep the faith and keep up your hard work and blessings WILL come!!!!!! A great part about being a missionary is that we can promise blessings. I PROMISE God is with us. I promise that even though he may seem silent, he is there!!!!!!!!!!! I promise. Sometimes I wonder why God is Silent but then I remember that somethimes when I am frustrated or sad, I just want someone to sit with me while I cry. That is what God does for us. He abides with us while we complain and are frustrated and then after we are through, he talks, he blesses and he guides. It is okay to complain to him. I do it a lot. I complain, he listenes (he listens a lot., ha ha ha) and then after I complain, I search for answers and they are always there. God truly loves us!
Love you!!!!!!
Sister Collie Ann!!!!!!!

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