Monday, November 18, 2013

....... God is telling me to work hard. Work even harder.....

First off shmee... if you read this... I was just crying over your letter about you making fun of me for my protein cravings and for the experience you had with LOVE!!!!!!! Shmee,  you are the one who inspires me to have love. I have never had more love for anyone than my family. And now that love has been intensified but so has the love for others. I love you Shmee. I love you mom. I love you Dad. I love you Bubba. I love you Baby girl.   And Shmee,  I know what you are talking about when you say you don't feel great but that God thinks your pretty great. Its the greatest feeling. I love not feeling important, because I am nothing "great" in the worlds eyes.. in fact... the world thinks I'm CRAZY.   But we know better. God knows better. 

Looks like everyone in the family is doing good which I am glad to hear. So... good stuff:) Our mission is doing a 40 day fast. During this fast we are working on repenting and becoming purified as individuals and as a mission. (Shmee if you remember that talk about the missionary who did the "40day fast"  from spirit killing things... that talk by Johnny... sorry if you cant remember). Anyways, our mission is doing it. so we each of a day to fast and we focus on repenting/ purifying our selves so we can be better missionaries. It's amazing. Well our day to fast was on Wednesday... umm okay miracles!!!!!!!!!
Miracles list:
1; our lesson with Sister Pack was with a member and we talked about the Book of Mormon. We talked about how it will bless her life. she will get guidance about how to help her family through this, etc. I bought a tri set for her and wrote my testimony in it and some BOM quotes. She LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!! During that lesson she said in humility and with all sincerity " I want to be baptized... silence.... I want my whole family baptized." She had the biggest grin on her face!!!!!!!!! No we only have to pray for her husband's heart to be softened so that he will allow her to go to church. If she doesn't go to church she cant be baptized. but she really is DYING to be baptized. It is amazing to see the change this gospel has brought to this woman. Amazing.
2: we decided to go out and give banana pancakes to our potential investigator.... we did... she wasnt home... but she called and was SO thankful... we have been trying to set a time to met her and she always says she's too busy but she called and set up an appointment all on her own:).

3: Right when I got to Mokpo I was told to call a Sister Young. We called... we called... and she told us not to call again because she cant meet.... well she randomly called us on Wed, while on the bus, and she said she wanted to meet and to introduce us to a friend... umm okay... like YES OF COURSE WE WILL MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

4: Just all day we were filled with this light and joy. We couldn't be brought down. It was amazing. The spirit was just so strong.

Also we just had a miracle week!!!!!!! This week we had stake conference. Usually missionaries don't go to the sat session but our mission president and stake president asked us Gwanju missionaries to come. Well... waiting in the bus terminal in Mokpo this guy, Kwon, came up to us and in great English started asking us all these questions. He asked if we could help him learn English. If we could teach him about Christ. etc.... we said....UMM YA WE CAN HELP !!!!. Well right then and there he asked why we were going to Gwanju. We told him we were going to a meeting about Christ. HE asked US if HE could come... umm okay... since when does that happen..... So he came. The entire time he was reading on his phone about our church. He was asking us questions. And during the meeting (which was by far the most spiritual meeting I have EVER been too.. Not one dry eye. The choir sang the song "I believe in Christ" and the spirit touched us all). And during the meeting he felt something. Funny, when he walked into the church and saw all the other foreigner missionaries he laughed and said in English "I have never been to Church in my life, this is my first time..."... ha ha ha. We all just stood there with jaws dropped and eyes the size of golf balls. ha hah a. MIRACLE!!!!!!  He said after the meeting "Every one here just loves each other". I said "yes, we are a big family,  we are all Gods children. I am Sister and you are Brother". He said "I like that... I want to belong to this church".... umm okay..... amazing. The reason he was in Gwanju is because he was taking a big test there. He lives here in Mokpo for school and is from Seoul. I called him last night (you know... just contacting investigators daily... even though I think that is... stalkerish.... but it's what PMG says to do... and it's been... good. actually really good). Well I called him he was like... "I want to come to your Church. maybe come Saturday or Sunday?". (it's nice because he talks to me in English , I Love it. Miracles happen. 

This week was just so amazing. Yesterday after stake conference we had a meeting with President Shin and our stake President, President O. ... talk about spiritual. Our leaders just love and support us so much. President understands that missionaries help the MEMBERS do missionary work. Not members helping missionaries... He asked us "I know we usually pray for the missionaries... but will you pray for our members. They DO have people they can refer to you. Please, elders, sisters. pray.". Those words asking us to "pray" were right from heaven. I have never felt words that clearly from heaven. It was amazing. God is asking us to Pray. I realized today  during personal study that God is telling me to- work hard. Work even harder. Pray. Pray even harder. Be obedient. Be 100% obedient. Love. Love deeper. Give it to me. Give it ALL to me. Have faith, hope and charity. Love me. Be loyal. And leave it up to me to accomplish what I WILL accomplish." God has a plan for me. Though I thought and wanted that plan to baptize half of Korea. God also wants that, but he has a plan for me to accomplish, and I will accomplish it. Well I love you all. please pray for me. PLEASE. I love you all to the moon and back.

Sister Cole Ensign

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