Monday, November 11, 2013

I just get the most amazing feeling knowing the we are doing exactly what the lord expects of us .....................

Hey mom:) Thanks for getting my Christmas package sent off. Your so nice!!!! I'm so excited:)

Well winter is definitely coming and its not even as cold as it will be. My poor comp has yet to find boots.... but we will hopefully find them before the snow comes:) Our sweet relief society pres has given us scarfs and been making sure we are warm and that our apt is ready for winter and that so are we:) But who are we kidding.... we will never be ready:) Bring it on:)
This week we picked up 2 new investigators and got a referral from our investigator and her sister seems really interested. The work is definitely moving along in Korea. I am so thankful to be a part of it. This week we met with 박경희s aka Sister Park. She is the one who I wrote about that I feel like I was sent to Mokpo for her. Oh my goodness I love this woman and Sister Scott has fallen in love too!!!!! We met her this week and the spirit was ON FIRE!!!!!!! oh my goodness. We both decided it was one of, if not, the best lesson we have ever had. We spent the lesson loving her and teaching her about Christ. She looked at the pic of Christ we gave her and she asked me "Does he really live". I was answered with everything I have or could have had in one worded answer.... "yes". And she smiled and I knew that she knew. She told me she really desires to come to church and to be baptized but she is just nervous her husband wont come with her. She loves that we focus on families and she wants to do this as a family. The only problem is that her husband works 7 days a week and comes home every night around 9pm... we asked her if if would be okay to send some members over to meet her and her family and she said yes, but every time we set up an appointment she backs out at the last minute. FRUSTRATING!!!!! This woman can do it. I know it. She told me in that lesson that she believes in God and she wants to follow him. the spirit was so strong as we taught about Christ and how it is at church, through the sacrament, that we can remember him!!!!! I cant explain that spirit. The best part about it was that last week we talked about repentance... and today when we came I didn't even need to ask if she had repented... I walked into that house and the spirit was there. There was a light in her eyes and she looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!!!. she didn't' complain once about how hard her life was that week. She was just so happy. I knew what it was... Repentance/ Atonement. I know it was. Pray for her. She is amazing. Its just getting her to come to church.

We also got a referral from our stake president of a girl who lives 2 hours away but lives right by our ward mission leader:)!!!!!!!!! SO needless to say our ward mission leader has that taken care of. Miracles of the week (yes there were many but this one was huge).... We had our Halloween party this week and it was HUGE!!!!!!! So many members came and our ward mission leader brought the referral, sister Honey. (Cool thing about her name is that just this Saturday, in my first area in my mission, one of my old investigators was baptized and her name sounded a little like "Honey" too... miracles happen. Even when you don't eye witness them. The cool thing is that my greenie area is in my zone and so the sister who baptized her asked me to write my testimony in a little BOM that she would give to her on her baptism:) So of course I did. Amazing things. I am so glad she got baptized!!!!) Anyways. So Our new investigator, Honey, is the cutest 31year old. Love her. She is so humble and she wants to learn English... but maybe a little more:) I'm excited. 

Also this week we felt prompted to go visit a member family in our ward who we have not visited yet and who I didn't know much about. Well..... lets just say it was the best visit of my life!!!!!!!! That family has the spirit!!!!! We shared the message of the restoration. My sweet companion said the first vision and the spirit was thick enough to cut!!!!!! The members were so thankful. they are an amazing family and we were so thankful to go visit them. We actually took another member who is 20years old, cutie, and she is the only member in her family. We take her.... everywhere..... we see her at least 4-5 times a week for her to come and just do missionary work with us. I love her. Her name is Minju. Love her. Well she came with us to that house and she herself had questions about member missionary work and the members took time to tell her what it was and the importance of it. because of that experience, the members testimonies of missionary work grew!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! Great visit.

Ha ha ha ha mom, sometimes it is funny for me to read the difference between mine and Dees mission. But it is still so amazing to me that though the areas are totally different and we see different miracles, we both are doing the same work and I feel like we are both doing exactly what the lord sent us here to do. Sometimes me and like... our whole zone... when we read Dees e-mails we wonder what she's doing that we need. And we know its that missionary drive combined with obedience and the spirit. Yes,  the product that we produce is "different" when you see it on paper. but I just get the most amazing feeling knowing the we are doing exactly what the lord expects of us and what is happening is exactly what the lord expects. Miracles just happen in missionary work. I am so thankful to be a part of it. And it so SO comforting to know I have a sister. Blood related, out there doing it too. AND hearing sweet Porters experiences touches my hearts. No matter where we are in the world,  the Atonement is in the work. It is the work!!!!!

The Lord is hastening the work. I love it. I feel it. I know it is his work. Of course I learned something amazing for my sweet scriptures and studies with sister Scott and from District meeting; OBEDIENCE IS THE PRICE. FAITH IS THE POWER. LOVE IS THE MOTIVE. SPIRIT IS THE KEY. JOY IS THE REWARD. AND CHRIST IS THE REASON. Christ is my reason for all my joy. All my success. and all my love. He lives mom. I know it. He love is us. I know it. If only we knew that a little better. Mom, Dad, Shmee, Bubba, Sam.... He loves you. You have NO idea how much he loves you. I wish I could give you a fraction of that love. but I can tell you where you will find it. Scriptures, church, service, humility, repentance, prayer, and THE TEMPLE. Sam, I am so proud of you baby girl for going to the temple. Keep it up. Mom, dad, Bubba. Follower her example, go as much as you can. Take it from someone who is pretty JEALOUS you can go to the temple... me.... I cant wait to go back. And I will NEVER do anything that will unrightously keep me from those doors.  I love you all to the moon and back. Go to the temple. There you will feel that love. Seek to feel it and I promise you will. Love changes everything. Let it change you!!!!! To the moon and back.

Sister Cole Ensign

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