Tuesday, July 9, 2013

They have made themselves TOO busy....

Hey there mom! Loved your e-mail and loved the pictures!!!!!!! Powell looks hot... I kind of know how you feel. Ya there's no ac in our apt.... ha ha. Fans are saving my life. ha ha. but it's still not as hot as my bedroom in the summers......;) ha ha. Just kidding.
Good to hear Bubba is  working with dad, that makes me happy. I remember working with dad:) Mom thanks for finally sending me a picture of you!!!!!!! You never do.  Good to see your still my momma:) ha ha. Love you!!!!!!!! And shmee is just doing amazing. I am so proud of her!!!!!! Love her to death and I couldnt be more proud of her.I am so thankful she is having success and not having to go through the heartach of being turned down day after day. Miracles are what keep a missionary going. If they stop going it's because they don't RECOGNIZE the miracles SURROUNDING Them!!!!! My miracles are not quite as big as Diondras but they are just as powerful. That is something important I have learned in Korea. Miracles happen to different people in different ways, but they are still miracles.
Kenna and Trevor!!!!!!!! I am so excited for them!!!!!!!!! SEND  ME PICTURES OF THE DRESS!!!!! I am glad the  Fanklins got my letter. I cried the entire time I wrote it. ha ha. Love them!!!!!!!
MIRACLES HAPPEN because guess what, I'm a missionary!!!!!  This week we met 2 different women from the Philippians. Irish and Irine. Irish is our new investigator who is straight up catholic and is just amazing. Love her. The lesson was in half English half Korean half tagolic. ha ha. This is gods work!~!!!!!!! she had a LOT of questions about our church and they started off with her thinking we worshiped Joseph Smith. ha ha. Ya she's heard a lot of lies about our church so we spent a good portion of the lesson clearing things up. Then she spent the other part of the lesson talking to me about how she really does not like Korea. And I found out through her and my companion that almost everyone in Korea does not like one part of their culture and that is the extreme education. Education here is INSANE!!!!!!!!!! Starting in kindergarten, kids go to school and study in personal tutoring places until midnight. 7am until midnight. all day, every day. Sundays included in that. They never have a break. The reason it is so insane is because the mothers..... mothers in Korea are obsessed about their children's education. My companion said she was blessed to grow up an a home where her mom was the unusual one, and didn't drill extra education into their brains. The highest rate of suicide is in the high school student. Their lives are just encompassed in education. Irish was telling us how Korean students just don't know how to have fun. My comp agreed. The reason I am telling you this is because I want you to understand how hard it is to;    A; find people to teach who actually have time and ;    B.; find people to teach who are interested in the gospel and not just my free English....... Mothers want me to teach their children English and then when I give them a simple commitment to pray or to read one verse they say they have no time. And actually, they really don't have time.... Right now our investigator and her son are part of this problem...... it is heart breaking to see how satan has taken something special and important as education and taken it to the next level where it is now hardening peoples hearts and making them too busy. So sad. But miracles still happen. The greatest blessing I see is when the investigators poor soul, who has been buried by "busy" starts to wake it's self up, and peak through the busy life. It's amazing. So right now we have 7 investigators and they are all busy. ha ha. seriously. its insane. At first when people said they were too busy to pray or read the book of Mormon I thought "ya right". But witnessing the life of my investigators, I see that they have made them selves TOO busy. It is heart breaking. But we still see the miracles of them coming to Christ.
Last week I was so excited about my Chinese investigator that she would pray about our message... she didn't do it.... she said she prayed and got an answer for her garden to receive water but not about the gospel. THE LIVING WATER!!!!!! We will keep working on her.
Our other golden investigators will meet with us this next week because they have tests this week.... we have heart attacked their doors and left them good things to read. Our members are still amazing. We have gotten so much closer to them over the last few weeks. Truly a blessing. Now that we are friends, we feel comfortable asking them for help and they are willing. Amazing. I love this work. It breaks my heart every day, but I love it. I get to experience a bit of what Christ felt as he himself bore witness that he is the Christ and yet others still did not believe.
As a companionship we have really been working on our less actives and investigators. We have been praying for Gods children to come back into the fold. We are seeing miracles. I can not doubt what I have seen here in Korea. It is nothing Short but the had of God. It is his work. I know it and it is a work I am so thankful to be a part of.
Mom, I love you. Thank you for the e-mails and pictures and of course for the support. It is always a great reminder that someone other than God has faith in me and is rooting for me. I love you to the moon and back!!!!!!
Love Sister Collie Ann

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