Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Guess what!!!!! I just got transfer calls and I am going to be transfered to Jeonju ( a super good area!!!!!!) on Thursday!!!!! My new companion is Korean and doesn't really know any english.... ha ha I heard she is awesome though ! I am super excited!!!!!!! Sad to leave my investigators but I have done my part here and know the lord needs me somewhre else. :)
Thanks for the e-mail mom and Shmee. Thank you so much. I bet you did awesome shmee!!!!!!!!!!!! AHG I can't believe you will be a missionary in a few days!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!! And your farewell talk topic was AMAZING and just so perfect for you! Thank you for being an awesome example to all of us Dee. I am glad you got my letters:) and thank you mom for everything, I love you so much!!!!!!
Also I have a request of you Diondra.... so when you go to the mtc, walk into the cafeteria and on your left will be some vertical tables.... well those first few tables are where the koreans sit. PLEASE FIND SISTER Jung- hyea- ream. She will be korean and is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Her name is spelled 정혀 림. Please find her!!!!. She will be a missionary in Korea and will be in the mtc at the same time as you!!! Diondra, she is AMAZING!!!!!! I love her so much!!!!!! She helped out our mission by becoming a missionary early and going on splits with me and helping me teach in an area. she has an amaznign spirit and I love her. Please find her and tell her I love her!!!!!!!!!!
So this week has been another GREAT one!!!!! We saw so many miracles!!!!!! our greatest miracle was on Wed and Thursday!!!!! So Wed and Thu was a day where me and my companion went on splits with another companionship. I was set up with a sweetheart, Sister Jung. Oh my goodness I love her. The miracle about her and me together was that we taught a lesson and the spirit was amazing! Oh my goodness. The spirit was so strong as we both bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ to one of our investigators. I will never forget that moment. I am so thankful for the way the spirit teaches us and our investigators. God is turly in charge of this work and is making it so others FEEL of the word more than hearing of the word! It is amazing!
The other miracle with her was a girl we talked to while street contacting! She was walking across the street and I turned round and started talking to her. She said she was super interested in English and that she would like to meet with us!!!!!!! Whoot!!!!!!! So we got her number and we will meetth her!!... THEN..... Thu night was what we call dessert party:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we invited every investigator, less active, active, etc young adult we could find.... umm talk about SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazign!!!!!!! And our prayers were answered because there were 2 investigatiors who are amazing and we wanted them to fall in love with their ward but there was no one their age in the ward.... well they would be in the same ward and they became BEST FRIENDS!!!!!! They were like all over eachother, cracking jokes and loving life. It was Sister Kim and Sister Mee. Oh my goodness I love them!!!!!! So because they are best friends now, they both are so much more willing to come to church. Sadly because I am transfering i willnot be able to attend their baptismis but Sister Hurt said she would send me pictures!!!!! I am super happy for them!!!!!!!!! So ya. ha ha. It was such a miracle to ahve so many people come to desert party. We even had random members come with referals of people we could teach!!!!! Amazign night!!!!!
My other favorite part of this week was with our investigator Camille. Oh my goodness I love her. By the way... if any movies pop up on FB... it is from Camille and she is so funny. She recorded like 10 werid videos of me and Sister Hurt singing. ha ha. So funny. I love her. Anyways. With Camille we watched the Restoration Dvd about Joseph Smith. The spirit was amazing, like always, but after the vidoe ended she said with a sincere heart " I use to think Joseph was just a man, but now I want to understand more aobut him and his story and this book (BOM)." It was just a beautiful moment on my mission. To see someone truly desire to want to know about our message!!!!!!!! Sadly Sister Kim is struggling with smoking and coffee.... but she is still planning on getting baptized on March 17th!!!!! She can do it!!!!!!! Butit is sad to see how the devil has started effecting her and making her relaxed in coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying..... we are praying for her!!!!!!But miracles are happening and now she is friends with our other investigator!!!!! So life is good.
I am sad to leave this area but I know the Sister missionary taking my place and she is AMAZING and she will be good for our investigators! I am so happy for her to come to this area! I will really miss my investigators and members and other missionaries, but that is waht a mission is all aobut... heart breatk. ha ha. in a good way... it helps you humble yourself and realize you don't know what is best and that you MUST rely on the lord! THis is his work and he knows best. I think of how I should apply that to non-mission life. How we get things un-expected in our road called life and how we just need to accept that the lord knows best and that this is his work and his glory to brigng to pass the happiness of his children and so we must trust him. Much easier said than done I know... but prayer helps.!!!!!
So before I end, I just wanted to tell you some cool news about Korea!!!!!!! So first off; President and Sister Furness will be released as my mission presidents in July and guess who our next mission pres is.... it is Presiend Shin!!!!!! He was my President in the MTC over the Korean districts!!!!!! He and his wife are from Korea and are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I am so excited to have Korean mission presidents. I love them. Right now President and Sister SHin have been living in America for 20 years and so they are very good at english and good with amercans so they will still feel like my mission parents:) ha ha. I love them and I am excited. The other big news is that because there are so many more missionaries coming out that they opened another mission in Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is called "Seoul South". The interesting thing is that they will be taking missionaries from our mission and the other Korea mission and making them go to the new Seoul South mission. Which means If I am ever trasfered to the upper part of our mission, then I wll become a missionary in the Seoul South mission.... but that will not happen until July so we will see what will happen.. Just crazy to think about!!!!!!
So there was my amazing week. Miracles every day and loving the work!!! So one thing I have learned about being a missionary and being a child of God is about life. And living in the moment. It is easy to be excited or scared of the future but we have been asked by the lord to live in the now. Live in the moment. you will be happiest if you can live and enjoy the moment. So many missionaries think about home and what it will be like at the end of their mission. Sadly the mission time flys fast and when they come to the end they wonder where the time has gone. Well, live in themoment because it all ends too soon. You will miss the moment you are at right now one day! In the Oct 2012 Gen con talk it says " You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you have collected a lot of empty yesterdays".

I am loving my mission. I love every day. Yes every day has its challanges but I can love each day because my time as a missionary is short and I am happy to be here so I love what I have now!!!!!!!/.
Speaking of loving something now... I love you all so much. I know I love you because I am reminded every day by the Lord of just how privlidged I am to have 2 parents supporting me on my mission, my 3 bestfriends making righetous decisions, and all of us loving and living with the Lord in his Church!!!!!! I love you all so mcuh.
Thank you for your prayers, loveand support!!!!!
Sister Nicolle Ensign
Sister Nicolle Ensign

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