Monday, February 4, 2013

Missionary Work : Both Heart Breaking and Wonderful

So yes I got your letters and the day after p-day your AMAZING PACKAGE CAME!!!! I about died of happiness and laughter as I saw how perfectly packed it was. Agh, I love my family,. Mom I can't thank you enough for sending me thosethings. I ahve been in missionary heaven with all of those treats, smelling good stuff, treats, smelling goodstuff, . etc. and the temple pictures are the best. I just cried as I went through those and the christ pictures. I just love the temple. Thank you thank you thank you for the package. You really are the greatest:) Thank you.
Well now about my misisonary work . This week has been both heartbreaking and the best week ever. So this on Wed we fasted for Kim's lesson. We were going to teach her the word of wisdom and we really wanted her to accept it.... well the lesson went great but she droped her baptisimal date becauseshe doesnot know how long it will take to quit coffie. She was almost in tears when we told her she couldn't drink coffie. so it was really sad to see her take a sep back. BUT this yesterday she still came to church and we gave her the triple set of the BOM, D&C and POGP. and she LOVED IT. she even kissed it she was so excited. I know she loves this gospel. She has prayed aobuthe bom and knows its true. We will meet with her this wed to see if we can set up another baptisimal date. we also talked witht the ward and there is a great coffie substute that we want to give her. so evn though that was heart breaking we had a miracle!!!!! So our AWESOME ward member Chay-Hoon gave us the number of one of his students. so we met with her... during the lesson she was loving everything we talught her. We taught her about the BOM and before we could ask her if she wanted a copy,she asked if she could get one. So we talked about following Christ. And we were led by the spirit to extend the baptisimal invintation and she said YES!!!!!!! :) :) She is getting baptized on March 24!!!!!!! Whoot whoot!!!! She is just the cutest thing ever and I love her to death. I can't wait to see her get baptized!!!!!!! Love her!!!! Also more sad news... so remember that "bus girl" I gave the Bom to and she said she was reading it but couldnt meet with us.... welll we texted her to see if she was still reading and she said her dad took the book because he attends another church. She seemed really sad. I just hope she remembers the book and will find it again one day. BUT yesterday we found a new "bus girl" who Sister Hurt gave the Bom to and she LOVED IT!!!! She was reading ti on the bus for like 20 min!!!!! Awesoime!!!! So yes this week has been a rollercoster of emotinos but it has been amazing!!!!! So many miracles!.
Another great miracle was that yesterday we were invited by a couple in our ward (Robert Holley; he is famous in Korea. Look him up. He served his mission in Pusan when he was younger adn stayed in Korea and because he is white and knows korean, he became super famous). So we ate at their house... talk about amaizng... I think he's a billionare..... not even joking. we had tocos with home made salsa.... yes I died of happiness. And yes Bubba, there was A TON OF Cilintro... :) ha ha. I was in heaven. So we ate at their house and his wife made actual home made, american, chocolate cake... HEAVEN!!!!!! they are so kind and it is really amazign how they can be totally in the world but not part of the world. It is amaizgn. Such good exapmles:)
by the way I really do know how to spell I am just typing really fast. ha ha. Sorry... Ihope it all makes sence.... .
So there was my awesome week:) I wrote in my letter about my last p-day experience with goign to the bath house... lets just say about 50 korean eyes were staring at my naked body for 2 hours... I died of laughter bu talso enjoyed it because the bath houses are so so so so relaxing!!!!! I love them!!!!!! it was a funny but great experience:) My letter will go into detail:) But ya a few weeks ago when we went on the hike it was really fun. Because it was super muddy we all feel on our butts aobut 20 times... ah ah. but it was so fun. Not really pretty but it was fun to be with everyone.
So I read this awesome scripture in 1 cor 9:16 For though 'i preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of; for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel". I am so greatful to be the Lords hands and mouth peace here in Korea. I turly have felt his influence and help and he truly has carried me in this work. I love it. I love Korea, Koreans, and the Korean language, adn most ofall, I love being a missionary and seeing the change and light that grows in others eyes as they come to know our savior, Jesus Christ. I love you all to the moonand back!
Love Sister Ensign

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