Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pig Skin

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY AND GO EAT SOME GREAT CAKE FOR ME:)let me know when you get your package.  Mom and Dad I love you!!!!:)

 So guess what, the koreans are OBSESSED with skin. if you ever want some AMAZING skin care let me know and I will send you some:) Also for Shmee too because her feet will get thrashed on the mission and so I think I will try to send her some foot care products. Seriously... Funny story about skin... so I was eating with an investigator and she was, in korean, trying to explain to me that I needed to eat the pig skin so that my skin would stay beautiful.... She literally fed me with her chopsticks some pig skin... it was not too bad...ha ha ha. It tasted like cinnamon. ha ha.  They are obsessed with sking here! 

MIRACLE this week was a GREAT ONE!!!!!!! So about 4 weeks ago I was sitting to a girl about 15 years old on a bus. I introduced myself and tried expalinging the Book of Mormon. I didn't know everything in Korean and so I read with here the introductionto the Book of Mormon in Korean. TO SAY THE LEAST... SHE LOVED IT. Well I got her number and she seemed really interested:) So I was so excited to call her a few days later... well she said she couldnt meet... sad... I was so so so so sad. It was my very first lesson on my own and I gave he rthe Book of mormon and I really wanted to meet with her and talk about the book. Well this week my thougjhts were drawn to her again and so I decided that we should randomly just text her and see how she is.... GUESS WHAT!!!!!! Not only does she remember me but she is reading the Book of mormon and really likes it. WHAT!!!!!! She's reading it!!!!! Ya I know right!!!!! Amazing.l She said it is hard to understand but she really likes it! So we talked and she was super kind and so we asked if we could meet... she said she didn't ahve time (satans greatest tool with the Korean people is taking away their time so they can't meet with us....:(). So she said she would call us when she has time. We told her to keep reading and to pray. She said she didn't know how to pray. So over text we taught her how to pray... ha ha. She said she would :). I was so happy that even though we couldnt meet with her, she was at least reading the Book of Mormon!!!!!!! Even if 30 years from now when she is looking for something in her life and she remembers the book, it will all be worth it. AGH I am so happy! That was a great miracle!

The other miracle was our friend Sam who was baptized last week, he recieved the gift ofthe holy Ghost this sunday and he is doning AWESOME!!!!! Agh I love him. And yesterday he said he has a friend who is a girl that wants to be friends with foreigners:) Ya buddy! So we will meet with her on Wed:)!!!!!!!!! I love referrals from members esp[ecially when they were baptized a week ago!!!!!! Agh, the cuurch is true:)
THE OTHER MIRACLE!!!!!! ( ya we see about 500 a day). Was my lesson with sister Young. She is in her 40's with 3 beautiful girls:) She is taking the lessons and last time we met she said she was confused by a talk we had her read. She pointed out the words Joseph Smith said about he book of Mormon being the most correct book... she was sad that we didn't think that way about the bible. umm okay perfect opner to the restoration and apostacy!!!! Right?!?!? ya, so we taught her that the trughs were changed and that the BOM was translated by the poser of God and os it is Gods words EXACTLY! She was amazed and understood how we taught with both the bible and Book ofmormon. She said "I see now that it is so important to read the Book of Mormon.... I like the 'Ensign' and 'Friend' \, but I also need to reread the book of mormon..."... umm ya... take the words right out of my mouth. I love Sister Young.

The work here is amazing. We see miracles every day. Just a few days ago we had a grandma stop us on the road and tell us we need to teach her family english!!!!! People see us and though they "try "to ignore us sometimes, we are noticed as missionaries!!!!!!! It is amaizng. I love this work. Missionary work is the best thing ever! Even here in Korea!!!!! I love Korea nad the people and everything! Yes the food has statted getting better and better!!!! I love it. It is super healthy. On friday we were invited by investigators to eat out. So we went to dinner and here's what it is.. so so sos good.
In a peace of lettuce you put red pepper paste, a garlic clove, mushrooms, onions, chicken intesitnes and kimchie. AMAZING!!!!! I was totally thinking of you mom because it is super healthy and so yummy!!!!!!!

Well I have to run but I love you all so much. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. You are all so amazing! I love this work and I know it is the greatest work because God loves his Children and only wants the best for them. Love you to the moon and back.
Love Sister Ensign

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