Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I would have failed to learn that the opportunity to serve is a gift !

Just given a little shout out to bubba!!!!!!!! Holy cow Bubba!!!!! Scotland/Ireland!!!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! I just made a new investigator who is part scottish part Irish, living in England and spending 10 months in Korea to look at car products. Like. Holy cow. I should have seen it coming. Bubba!!!! YOU WILL LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I am so excited for you and Scotland/Ireland better look out because Elder Ensign is well on his way to change you forever. I love you Bubba. You make me so HAPPY AND I' M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! Like I'm crying my eyes out. Like a baby!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to tell Diondra to give her companion a big hug for me. Me and my companion just cried hearing about her Dad passing away. God be with her.  There is no other person better for her during this time than you Shmee. God has a great purpose and sometimes it does not make sense, but in the end it will. Tell her we love her and that she has MANY prayers going out there for her!!!!

So this week was really good. Sadly I was really sick for 2 days.  But I was actually really worried that I was not getting enough fluids because I would but water next to my mouth and throw up. So I was worried for those two days BUT I prayed, and others prayed for me and I'm better. Still only eating bread and 10 pounds lighter, ah ha but I'm feeling better. BUT it was still a miracle week.  We met 3 new investigators and one of them is the one from England who is a Scot/ Irish. ha ha ha. His name is Neal. I'll ask him where his family is so that maybe I can get you a referral Bubba.  But he is amazing. I found him on the street. He was trying to find a Bar with his  friend, Collin. And they couldn't find it. So we helped them find a bar. ha ha ha. But they asked if we were English teachers, I proudly said "No we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints". :) He laughed and said in his SWEET accent "well, I'm a Roman catholic myself but I'd love to have a pretty girl like yourself try to convince me other wise". ha ha ha. Don't worry he's in his late 50's ha ha ha. But we also told him that we could teach him Korean for free and he was really interested and so we made an appointment for this week to meet:) AND we also made 2 other families our investigators. They are English interest but we are so excited. Right before we came here, Brother Kim, the dad, called and said "I'm in the hospital for a few days and would love to read more of your church material. Could you send me some books". ha ha ha. YES SIR!!!! We are sending him our materials right after this. He also met the missionaries to play ping pong 25 years ago when he was a kid:) 

Then at church yesterday our 2 investigators who are friends brought their other church members to our sacrament meeting. Their church "royal priesthood" members filled up an entire bench. It was amazing. This church is really great. They focus on the first commandment; to love God. But they think there is no method or way to worship. So their entire church has 8 members and they are all in their mid thirties and just great. And they are all "looking for the truth". They think that all churches are good and carry truth but they speak more with their actions than their heart. So this "Royal Priesthood" believes that faith is more important that action/ works. We are meeting and love them and our ward is really excited to convert this "Royal Priesthood" to our religion. ha ha ha ha. But when I asked them how church was they said it was "interesting". They think we have to many rules and "methods". They just want to be free. They believe that we don't need a schedule or a day to worship, just follow the spirit. If you want to sing a song during a talk of your church family members, then sing. If you want to pray anytime, pray, etc. We understand their thinking but there needs to be order in all things and a body of UNITY. So we are trying to teach that. They also think that you can choose which commandments to follow but we are all to follow the first commandment. Yes they are fun:) and sometimes difficult but we love them.

Also we met with our investigator, Sister Goe. She is amazing. She has been meeting missionaries for about 6 months and everyone wants to drop her but she makes such good progression. It is slow but so good. Yesterday I asked her simply "what will it take for you to be baptized?". She said "if I can come to know that God lives, I will get baptized." She already loves our church and teachings and she will be baptized if he knows God lives. She just is unsure. WE talked about doubt and faith and how we choose to focus on one or the other but if you have doubt you can not have faith. and if you have faith, doubt is gone. I bore my testimony of how I KNOW GOD LIVES. I told her how I see him everywhere. I told her how when I was in collage and was studying the muscles in the body, how I had the spirit confirm to me that this was all WAY too perfect and that it couldn't just happen. Someone had to be a creator. And that was God. And how time after time I have received spiritual answers to prayers. We committed her to pray with her heart and with faith to know if God was there and to LOOK for the answers, because they will come. Please pray for her.

Yesterday was a tender mercy when we were at the church for a lesson and all of the sudden we heard a lot of noise and look out the door and its the entire stake including MOKPO members greeting an elder from the church head quarters. It was so nice to see my Mokpo members and they were so excited to see me and agh, I am just so excited for you to meet my Mokpo members:)

So this week was just a good one. I know I was sick, but it was still really good. I am so thankful to be able to have this last transfer be this GOOD!!!! Like God is WAY too nice!!!!! I am just able to go out and work hard and serve his children with no distractions. Also with you and dad coming to Korea I don't have to worry about saying goodbye and doing those distracting things, I can just focus on missionary work:) It is so great:)n I love this work!!!!

So I read this amazing article in the Liahona of a woman who was given a calling as young women's President. And she shared her thoughts after she was released and it really portrays how I feel and I wanted to share a bit of the article. It reads "I thought back on that day when I could have turned down the calling because of all my other responsibilities. But I am the one who would have lost most by not accepting the calling. I would have lost the opportunity to learn humility, gain understanding, develop patience, and become an instrument in the Lord's hands. But mostly I would have failed the Lord in the confidence He placed in me, and I would have failed to learn that THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE IS A GIFT". And it is. I love this amazing gift to serve for 19 months as a missionary in Korea. And Diondras Gift is Australia and Bubbas Gift is Scotland/ Ireland. What amazing gifts. Like Elder Holland says "in this family we serve missions". Well here in the Ensign Family, WE SERVE MISSIONS. Because we have been called and we will serve our Lord. Because we love him. 

I love you all to the moon and back.

Sister Nicolle Ann Ensign

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