Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"All we do in the church- our meetings and activities, our missionary efforts, the lessons we teach and the hymns we sing- should point us to the Savior and the work we do in the Holy Temples."

So this week was really great:) A lot of great lessons learned!!!!

Lets start:)

I want to start off with this quote that helped me remember my purpose and actually what I love doing as a member and as a missionary.
       "All we do in the church- our meetings and activities, our missionary efforts, the lessons we teach and the hymns we sing- should point us to the savior and the work we do in the HOLY TEMPLES".
I was sweetly reminded by the spirit how much I LOVE temples and how it is all about getting to the temple. I have loved that. I was able to testify of temples this week to our recent converts and also to investigators. I was able to help less actives prepare / take steps that will get them to the temple. I was able to tell them just how much I missed the temple. I was also reading in Revelations this week and John had a vision of what the celestial kingdom will be like and he tells us that he saw no temple because THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM IS A TEMPLE. holy cow!!!!! like I'm doing whatever it takes to get to the celestial kingdom because I want that feeling. I want that love. I want to be in the temple forever. I want to live there. and we have that opportunity. Also my sweet companion bore her testimony to our investigators that one day when we do go to heaven that we will want to find each other. That we will want to see how each other is and to love each other in the presence of God. The greatest desire of any missionary. 

We were able to meet a new investigator who referred us his 2 children who are now our new investigators and we will be meeting them for lunch today. And so great because THEY LOVE OUR MESSAGE. we will be asking them to get baptized and to come to church this coming week:) He is a really amazing man. He is an artist and actually a famous one here in Korea. This week when we met he took us with his daughter (who is now our BFF) to his studios and IT WAS AMAZING. I was amazed. I cant wait for him to create something that represents his testimony and how he feels about Jesus Christ. It will be beautiful:)  Our area is really exploding. We were able to receive 5 referrals and we were able to teach a LOT of people the gospel. I have really tried working on being peoples friends THROUGH THE GOSPEL. When we meet someone and have a relationship with them, THEN WE TEACH THEM THE GOSPEL. If you love them you will give them what they need most, which is the gospel. That is love. That is the greatest love you can give an investigator, or anyone. Is by giving them the source of joy, love and happiness. Which is Christ. And you come to Christ thorough our message:)

So we have 4 sisters living in our apt and one of the sisters, Sister Naatjes wrote her a letter that she shared with me and I want to share it with you. Its about missionary work: You are on the lords errand. you are doing a great and important work. Never doubt the power of your simple efforts. Wearily, all of the saviors greatest moments and teachings were reported as one-on-one or small group conversations. Have patience with the pace of it. Love the small moments. Love each person and focus on them, as though they matter more than many of the choicest of God's creations, because they do. The lord has always blessed the world though small and simple things and people. happily and cheerfully be one of them. The poor and the meek will have the gospel  declared to them by the weak and the simple. This is the Lords way." Thank you President Naatjes. 

I am simple and I am weak but my message is not. My message is perfect. I was able to bear testimony of that yesterday as we met our investigators who are trying to start a new church because they "cant find the truth". HELLO. agh. anyways. They asked us and the elders to share our testimonies. The spirit was strong and I felt so inadequate but I trusted that in my weakness God would testify to them through me. IT was an experience I will never forget. we finished our testimonies and they did their "worship dance"........... But I was just sitting there and asked God in my heart for direction.  And I could see heaven for a minute and God was just hanging his head. They are so close, yet still so far.   I told God that I know the truth and that I will try to help them. The hard thing about them is that they don't have any evil intentions they just believe differently, they worship different and God bless them for the faith that they do have. But I was again reminded of the temple and the "BIGGER PICTURE". Which was a tender mercy. How thankful I am that I know the bigger picture and that I can try in my weakness, to share that with everyone. We are working so hard to get our investigators baptized. I have spent my mission focusing on members and RC and LA and investigators, but me and my companion got revelation to focus on our investigators. WE see them every day. we call them every day. We pray for them every day and our investigators really are trusting us. We have made it a goal to ask them all to be baptized with dates this week. Please pray for our efforts. WE want to harvest. WE have planted with the help of the lord and now we are to harvest. Sweet Sister Goo San oak will be baptized if she can believe in God. WE are working so hard to help her have that. WE are working hard with a handful of members who will give their friends to us to teach. WE are working hard with 2 teenagers to come to church BECAUSE THEY WANT OT BE BAPTIZED. But they go to Seoul every weekend with their mom. WE have made it our business to become friends with the mom so that she will trust us with her girls during the weekend. So many miracles. This week we were able to make appointments with 4 people on the street to meet and come listen to our message. This is all so true. These people are searching for truth and we can give it to them. I have come to learn this week that I am also seeking for truth. I have been so fortunate to know where, how, who , when and what way to seek for that truth. I know I have found it. I know it. And I'm here to share it with everyone that I can:) 

I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your love and support. Please pray that our week will be filled with the spirit to lead and guide us as to how to do this work. I love you. Thank you for the prayers and I am so excited to see that you are still all my "brothers (and sisters) in the gospel". I love you to the moon and back.

Sister Nicolle Ensign

p.s. This is a shout out to Sister Drusteller. Your son is in my district and he is like my baby brother. He is an amazing example to all who meet him. He is working so hard and is just filled with the spirit. He's got a good attitude and he is changing this mission through his testimony and love for the Lord. He told me you read my blog and I just felt like reminding you how amazing your son is. He reminds me of my amazing brother, Hunter,  who just got his mission call to Scotland/Ireland. And I wanted to tell you because I hope one day when my boys serve missions, I would love to have someone remind me that my boys are doing a good job. You are one amazing mother. You and my mom would be friends. Amazing moms are friends.  Thank you for your sacrifices. I know you miss your son. He misses you too but he sure loves this work and he is working so hard because he loves the Lord. Such a good missionary. I pray one day I can have a son just like him. God job:)

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