Monday, February 10, 2014

We are all to be 100% obedient, no exceptions ......................

So this week was a good one. In fact yesterday was really good:) Miracle day:) I was fasting that my miracle girl, Sister Lee, would come to church or that we would find a way to find her. Though she didn't come I left the house feeling "something big is coming, a miracle is going to happen today":) And oh did it happen. So this week Brother Hoons LA son promised my companion he would come to church. AND HE DID. It was so great!!!!!! THEN Brother Hoon promised me his referral would come to church AND SHE DID. It was just a great day to be a missionary. Our new investigators name is Sister Kong Yeah Surl:) She is going out of town this week but wants to meet next week:) So ya. I love her and pretty much and can't wait to start teaching her!!!!! I love Brother Hoon. I just love that family. Heidi invited us sisters over for lunch and she made spaghetti and it was so good!!!!!! I love my members. I love Korea. AGH!!!!!!!!! 
So I have some great news:) MY INVESTIGATOR IN MOKPO GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!!! She was a new investigator I found through street contacting and so I didn't know her so well but she was the investigator who came to our Christmas party and LOVED OUR MEMBERS. She said she feels like the church members are her family. She goes to church every week and is just AMAZING. She is a high school student. Sister Scott is sending me a pic and when I get it, I will forward it to you:)  But I was just so happy. So yesterday when sister Scott called me she also told me the greatest news. I was just crying and had SO MUCH PEACE.  So I don't know if you remember, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE INVESTIGATOR, Sister Wang( Sister Juliet),  well.... she started texting the Sisters in Mokpo last week!!!!!!!!! They don't have an appointment but they are just talking. My heart was SO comforted when I heard that!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! This woman and Sister Pack from Mokpo , are the loves of my life!!!!!! I know they are ready for this gospel and so prepared and I just hope they will push out everything that is keeping them from commitment and just come to Christ. Like you said mom, WE NEED TO ACT on the testimony of Christ that we have and I KNOW THEY HAVE A TESTIMONY. They just need the action. My heart was just so comforted knowing she might come back. I love this woman, holy cow!!!! Miracle Mokpo!!!! I know it:)
So my day was really good yesterday. This week was also pretty good. As Sister Training Leader I am helping a lot of sisters  and there were a few problems and a sister had to go home and same with an elder. Our amazing zone leaders saved 2 other elders from going home this week. This week was a bit sad for other missionaries. 

I ask for all of you suggestions: Right now our missionaries are really struggling to find JOY. Weather its the most obedient missionaries who work so hard to the non obedient missionaries. our missionaries are just trying to find that Joy. They are trying to loose themselves in the work but are finding no success and that has their spirits down a little. I have been preaching "study Christ and gain a testimony of him" and "live the gospel of Jesus of Christ" but if you have any other good ideas, please let me know. Our mission is just a little in the blues right now and we have been preaching "work and forgetting yourself" but some people are just still struggling. Any suggestions, please let me know:) Thanks:) 

I have found that God expects every missionary to be the same when it comes to obedience. We are all to be 100% obedient, no exceptions for who you are or where you are from. BUT he does not tell us all to be the same missionary. He just asks us to be like Jesus Christ. Be the missionary Jesus Christ would be. Well our missionaries are trying to mix their God given talents with the attributes of Christ and some are doing well, and others are struggling. As leaders we are trying to find a way to help them balance the two but others are struggling to think that their personalities are "good enough". I have been telling them that they need to be themselves but to be like Christ. God has given us amazing talents in our personalities and we are to USE those on our mission. I have found that I am someone who LOVES to listen to people. Sometimes member visits are the member telling ME their testimony. Their experiences with missionary work, their problems, their happiness's, etc. And then I do the listening. Yes you could say I don't get a lot of "teaching" done. But I have found that when I do share my little bit, that person is now trusting me and now wants to listen to what I say. Thought it is short, I am able to search in  my thoughts for ways to help them, listen to the spirit and feel for what I can say that will help them or bless them. The spirit is always there. I love that. I know God and Christ are GREAT listeners. I think of all the things I say in my prayers. All my hopes, wishes, desires, confessions, and thanks and they do a LOT OF LISTENING. And then when they do talk, it is felt and heard.  I really appreciate it. I have found that as a missionary, people appreciate a missionary who will do the same. 
Right now my investigator, Sister Kim, who is the one who thinks she holds the priesthood, is not an investigator who wants to be taught the principles, she wants to learn about how I came to that knowledge. How I came to have that testimony. If I just say "I know the Book of Mormon is true" she wants to know who, where when why, etc of how I gained that testimony. She is amazing. She really believes in revelation so we are teaching her that she can receive an answer if this church is true. and then we are teaching her what she has to do IF THIS IS TRUE. There's that action again mom:) 
One of my sweet sisters got a letter from her dad who said "love in action is charity". I truly believe it. I think that is why as a missionary your love for people is so strong because you are ACTING all the time for them. Praying, planning, etc for this loved one. It has taught me a great life lesson. That love is Action and Loyalty. And I am so thankful that I have this time to act and be loyal to my Lord. 

Our investigators right now are doing well. All struggling to come to church and to accept it but they are slowly but surely progressing. We are working hard with our members right now to work on talking to their friends. Some are heading the call:) Its great. :) I love this work!!!! Such a blessing and a miracle. God Loves us. This IS HIS WORK!!!!! I know it and I am so thankful to be a part of it. I love you all to the moon and back!!!!

Sister Nicolle Ensign

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