Wednesday, February 26, 2014

...because I HAVE gotten answers.........and He gives me peace.

Hi there my lovely family:) Looks like your week was amazing!!!!! LIKE I'M DYING THAT BUBBA GOT HIS PAPERS SENT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Bubba!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Mom and dad thank you for your testimonies and they were perfect!!!!! I will translate them and let you know:) Also I got a call from the NEW YORK TIMES this week and they are hoping to publish the paper on March 2nd or the week after that:) They called to ask a few final questions and to tell me that the video of everything was great and that we would really enjoy it!!! So be looking for that.
This week was pretty good. It was not the greatest week of my mission because I didn't actually get to serve in my amazing area. I was needed in another area because some other sisters were struggling and as Sister Training Leader, I had to help out. I was happy to come back to my Gwanju after a week:) Especially because this week are transfers and I wanted to get things ready for who ever would be coming. Which by the way, I am not transferring but my companion is. And I am getting another Korean companion, Sister Pack. I don't know much about her. But she is Korean. I am really excited to be ending with a Korean sister because then I will get to just be smothered in.........the  Korean-ness of my mission:) So I am excited about that:) BUT I am so sad that I don't get to end with Sister Lee:( I really love her and will miss her.  I just love being a  missionary,  it is truly a blessing.  
So this week I learned a lot. I met our amazing investigators and just fell in love with them. I just love my investigators and really missed them this week!!!!!  I learned that God needs his children to hear the gospel. My one investigator who is a leader in her "Royal Priesthood" church,  doesn't agree with SO much that we teach and so that is difficult,  but at the same time, I just love her and I can feel Gods love for her every time we are together. And with all of her arguments my testimony is even more deeply rooted because I have to think about what I believe, and think about where my testimony is and think,  "do I know this is true or am I just preaching what I have been taught?". Well I'm here to tell you that because I have needed to testify with the spirit, I have needed to gain a testimony of the things I preach. God has helped my testimony truly grow and I am so excited to be a missionary who can preach WHAT I KNOW and WHAT I FEEL. Because I HAVE gotten answers.  God HAS told me the truth. It is all true and I am happy to share this with everyone!!!  The sad thing about my investigator is that she doesn't think she needs to pray about this because she believes the spirit has already taught her the truth and that she has the truth. So she doesn't even want to try. I just love prayer. I  have really been focusing on my prayer and my sincerity and just....... PRAY!!!!!. And I found this amazing verse in second Nephi 9:52  , "Behold, my beloved brethren, remember the words of your God; Pray unto him continually by day, and give thanks unto his holy name by night. LET YOUR HEARTS REJOICE". My heart does rejoice because he does here my prayers. He does answer my questions and he gives me peace!!!! And I know he will do the same for our investigators.
Also our other investigator, Sister Sue-ein is so cute!!!! I just love her. She has no background of the gospel but is loving what she is learning. She believes in it and said she would think about being baptized. She is just so great. I was not able to see much in our area which was sad.  Sorry this e-mail is pathetic. I hope you know I am doing good. I am so excited to go out and work this last transfer. Sorry my feelings are kind of all over the place this week. I am  feeling a bit exhausted.  ha ha. But I'm okay. Really.
I do want to share one last thing.
I love my Heavenly Father. I am doing this work for him. No other reason. There needs to be no other reason. After talking a lot with President Shin, he really was kind to me and gave me some great advice and just some amazing love. Truly heaven sent. I just love My heavenly Father. He loves me to. This work is true. God loves you too mom. He is there for you. I know it!!!!!
To the moon and back.
Sister Nicolle Ensign       

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