Monday, February 17, 2014

I am also thankful that my heart is as much of a missionary as it was when I got here, I just love this work.

What a good week!!!! Sounds like you all had a great week too. Sacrament talks!!!! Holy cow I bet you guys did amazing. And Soccer tournament and DAD!!!!! Way to go on making dinner for everyone!!!!! Pretty much you are all amazing!!!!!!
So this will be short and I apologize but I HAVE to tell you my miracle!!!!  So this week I was excited my convert in Mokpo got baptized and I wanted to write her a letter and so I got her address and put it in my address book. Well that distracted me to look at all the names of all the Koreans I LOVE and so I started doing that and came a cross a name Yang Gin Ah. (English is Gina) So I was like "umm that sounds familiar... was that from Gwanju?" So I just looked in the phone and the name was there!!!!! ALL THE SUDDEN I REALIZED it was one of my old investigators when I was a greenie. So I texted her "Hi is this Gina? This is Sister Ensign. I met you a year ago with Sister Hurt?" 5 seconds later I get a call and the Gina was on the other line just screaming!!!! ha ha ha ha. She was SO excited to hear from me!!!! And I was SO excited too!!!!! She said in her perfect English "Sister Ensign, it is time for me to come to church and be a member. I just need it now. I am ready". She promised to come to church in March. Church attendance was always her problem. She keeps commitments and she LOVES the Liahona she knows its true, but coming to church is hard... So I am just so so so so so excited!!!! I love this woman and her 3 girls are the CUTEST!!!!! I just love it. So that was a huge miracle and we are hoping to meet this week and then her to come to church in 2 weeks!!!!!! Miracles baby!!!!!
Then our lesson with our new investigator, Sister Sue-in. Love her. She has.... no... religious... background... She has heard of God... and that's it.... so when we started from the beginning. AND YESTERDAY FOR HER IT JUST CLICKED, she now understands;
A; She has a heavenly Father
B; She has a Savior to help her get back to God.
C; God talks to us today.
D; He has a church.
When we said that God has a church She was like "oh so its in Jerusalem where Christ was right?"  Well we explained about the apostasy and she was like "oh so that's why there are so many churches". ha ha ha. YA BABY GIRL!!!! Then we said that God restored his SAME church:) She asked where it was ... we proudly yet humbly pointed to our name tags and said "ITS THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS". We then told her to not just take our word for it but to ask the one who knows. Ask where his church is and if that church is our church. She  then prayed for the very first time with us in that lesson!!!!! I was just praying so so so so  hard that she would feel something. And I think she did. She is so cute. She is 18 years old and just a cutie. As she was praying I could just feel God smiling and saying "Goodness its been a while,  I haven't heard from you and I've missed you".  And I could just feel his smile to me of thanks for helping her find it and to know. It was a smile filled day.
I felt the same smile as we met with our other investigator who LOVES her other church yet wants to learn about the Mormons. We watched the Restoration DVD and I was just feeling the love of God. He loves this daughter and she is so so so so close to the truth in her other religion but not quite there. God wants this for her. I could feel it. And God was so happy:)
The rest of my week has been good. Lots of miracles. But I was just very thankful to feel Gods love this week. I am also thankful that my heart is as much of a missionary as it was when I got here. I just love this work. Love love love it. Everyone needs this. Why not right? Its ONLY GOOD!!!!!!!! "If you have the desire to serve God, ye are called to the work". So lets work right?:) I love you all to the moon and back!!!!!
Sister Nicolle Ensign

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