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Mom to start off, I just wanted to tell you I actually have been focusing a lot on Christmas and your question about who I would want to be for Christmas was inspired. As soon as I read that I knew who I wanted to be. Well when we meet with our members we have been focusing on Christmas... of course:) and we have been sharing Luke 2:10 with them. I tell them. "you know, we are not angels in wings, but we, like the angles to the Shepard's have a message of glad tidings and great joy." so Mom, you ask me what I would want to be. I would want to be an angel telling the world of the glad tidings of great joy, singing praises. Yes, I would want to be an angel:) Seeing as how I was definitely an angel in heaven singing praises, I feel pretty happy with that:) Real life = us in heaven singing praises to God:) Thank you for that question. Like Shmee said in her last weeks e-mail. You and dad have worked HARD to help us KNOW who we are. I am so thankful for you and dad. Love you.

So... lets talk AMAZING. For a minute:) Which is also to mean, that my week was AMAZING. Wow. I just love sister Scott. Me and Sister Scott went on Tuesday to our zone conference:) Which was so spiritually inspiring and uplifting. I love our leaders. They truly are called of God. Well. As a zone we decided that we wanted to still focus on purifying ourselves (which we did as a mission for the 40 day fast). And we decided as a zone to read the entire Book of Mormon this transfer. Which is about 15 pages a day:) I CANT TELL YOU HOW AMAZING THIS COMMITEMENT IS!!!!!!! You all are just a week behind me and who cares if you finish a week after me, but LETS DO IT TOGETHER. 15 pages a day. that's it.  WE can do it. Now we were told that it is good to study the scriptures, but for this cause we are just to READ the Book of Mormon and get a feel for what the BOOK is about.  It has helped already. I would love it if you joined:) This week, one verse that stuck out to me was a verse in 2nephi 5:27 which reads "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of HAPPINESS".  Well let me tell you what kind of a week it was.... at first it was not necessarily happiness... ha ha ha. But wow, Does God answer prayers or what!!!!! so poor Sister Scott was sick all week and stats were not the greatest BUT we had so many prayers answered!!!!!!!!! To start off.. I want to tell you about the greatest lesson I have ever been in. 
This is our lesson with Honey:) Oh my goodness!!!!! So poor Sister Scott was frustrated because she didn't feel well and she was wondering how she was going to prepare for our lesson with Honey. I told her that she needs to sleep on the bus so she doesn't get MORE sick. I know she didn't want to but her body gave in and she slept. Luckily before our 2 hr bus ride to Hayman (where Honey lives) we had zone conference and were "fed the words of eternal life". We get to the lesson and we are with our amazing member sister Kim-Jong-Lan. (Love HER!!!!!) And we talk about the POS. we also talk about Gods plan for us personally. Honey asked a lot of questions about baptism and how to sincerely pray. She also read the Book of Mormon and likes it:) (which is special because a lot of Koreans cant understand it and so the don't like to read it... aka... Honey is SO PREPARED!!!!!). Well we then focus or remarks on Christ. Which is what we planed. The spirit was strong. The member said it was interesting that we were talking about Christ and Heaven because she was going to give a talk on Sunday (yesterday) about heaven. She said during her studies she found a verse about the Love of God. So we talked about how much God loves us. Then my sweet AMAZING companion offered he sweet testimony. So let me just explain that as a new missionary in a foreign country THERE IS NOTHING MORE FRUSTRATING THAN LOVING PEOPLE AND WANTING TO SHARE THE MESSAGE WITH THEM AND BECAUSE OF THE LANGUAGE YOU CANT... SO FRUSTRATING.  and poor Sister Scott gets frustrated.   Just like we all do. But today kept telling her that God would help her. God knows she is sick and he will still help her. So as she shared her testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Christ the whole room filled with the spirit. I cant even begin to tell you the spirit in that room. AMAZING. We all had tears in our eyes. In PMG it talks about how the missionary, member, and investigator need to feel something. Well... in that lesson we all felt it. I'm not kidding when I say it was the lesson I will remember for the rest of my life. I will never forget that feeling. The other great part of it was that on Sunday, sitting by Honey at church, listening to Sister Kim-Jong-Lan share her testimony, Sister Kim brought up the spirit she felt in that lesson. She just cried and told the members it is all about gods love and it is the testimony of that love that touches the hearts of others. She also was so kind and said some really nice, un-necessary things about us missionaries, but it was just so wonderful:) That lesson changed my life and I know it changed all those who were there. I know sister Honey will be baptized one day and I am thankful she is listening. It is a miracle how open her heart is. She is amazing. I know she will be baptized. And she loved church yesterday. She is a woman of few words but she was full of smiles and love yesterday. It was an answer to prayers. 

Another miracle... so me and Sister Scott have been praying really hard about how to get referrals from members. Well we decided to do a Christmas count down. 12 days of countdown and the last day is the ward Christmas party which is on Christmas eve:) We have put in SO much work and time and have made hand out after hand out and sent text after text. And yesterday SO many members came up to us and talked about the party and how they want to come and bring friends. there was one brother who got up and talked about how much we are doing to help the ward do missionary work and then he asked the ward if they were doing their part. Long story short, the ward is thinking about Less actives and friends to bring to our ward Christmas party:)

THEN we have been praying about a member for a long time. Her name is Kim Jeu. LOVE HER. Her parents pray for about 2 hours a day and LOVE  God but don't think they need religion. they think they are closer to god than a religion could help them be. WELL we have been wanting to meet with them all but have been praying for a time to meet..... WELL KIM JEU CALLED YESTERDAY and invited us over for this coming Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! WE also decided that we wanted to give her parents the book "Our Search for Happiness" as a Christmas gift. God has been answering all of our prayers. It is amazing. 

We also have been preparing for the ward and mission Christmas parties. WE are singing at both. ha ha ha.Fun.... We are singing with the elders and OH MY GOODNESS THEY REMIND ME SO MUCH OF BUBBA!!!!!!!!
 I love you all so much. I LOVE christmas and I LOVE being a missionary during Christmas. I know christ lives. He is our King. The was the sweet baby born to Mary who was sent to give us joy and peace and everlasting life. HE really did come. I know it. I am so thankful for the knowledge. God and Christ Love us. They direct this work. Honey will accept it one day. I dont need her to accept it and be baptized with me, but I NEED her baptized. She is too sweet and loving to not have this in herlife. She needs it. She deserves it. In fact, Christ deserves it. He loves Honey. Oh does he love her. It's amazing how every lesson we have, I tell her God and Christ love her. And ever time she looks down with a smile and nods her head. She knows. We all know. WE jsut sometimes forget. DONT FORGET. In fact. REMEMBER. Remember Mom, God loves you. Remember dad, God loves you. Remember Bubba, God loves you. Remember Samantha, God loves you. Remember Shmee, God loves you. And I love you to the moon and back.
 MErry Christmas:)

Sister Nicolle Ensign

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