Sunday, December 29, 2013

O that I were an angel and could have the wish of my heart......

Well hello winter!!!!!! The past few days have snowed and snowed and snowed. It was a winter wonderland when we woke up yesterday:) But today its all melted away:(

Anyways. I first want to start off with the sad news so I can get that over with. yesterday after our lesson with sister Lee, (who told us she doesn't mind that we keep coming over to help her son learn English but she wont EVER change religions) we got a text from sister Honey.... telling us that as sadly she was not going to be able to meet ever again. I just stopped dead on my tracks and couldn't believe it. We thought for SURE she was going to go slow, but that she would keep meeting and later would be baptized. Agh......, my heart just broke... again. This time I had sister Scott to cry about it with. This morning I was frustrated that this KEEPS HAPPENING.   Like "hello sister ensigns' mission STORY OF HER LIFE". I know that is not my Mission story, but it felt like it this morning. I was bickering that I couldn't have at least ONE person I love get baptized... frustration. WELL... God new better and kicked me into shape and after a good talk with the spirit and with Sister Scott, my mind was cleared up and faith was restored:) Well of course the scripture I open to this morning was Alma's plea saying "O that I were an angel and could have the wish of my heart. ... but I do sin in my wish".      BECAUSE THE LORD HAS GIVEN ME SO MUCH.  He has let me be the witness of so MANY miracles here in Mokpo and I am so blessed. 
One of those miracles just happened on Friday. WELL a few weeks ago I was talking to this amazingly cute out of control grandma. She was Grandma Franklin on steroids. She IS THE CUTEST!!!!!! and it was a blessing that she reminded me so much of Grandma Franklin. :)) Well she thought it was the craziest coolest thing that we were from America and she begged for our number and called us the next day begging us to come to her house so she could feed us. Well we were not able to go when she first called us and so we decided to call her this week on Friday. Well she told us to come over right then and now ha ha . So that's just what we did:) we get to her house and she is just holding our hands laughing, etc. you would have thought she was a 2 year old with a brand new toy.  so fun!!!!!!. So we talk with her about God, of course:) And she was all over it. She had a different religion but she LOVED us. Well we told her we had a different appointment and when we told her we had to go out in the snow storm you would have thought we told her we were going to commit suicide. ha ha. We refused to let us leave unless we came back at 7 to eat my favorite meal made by grandmas, kimchee soup!!!!!!!. So we came back. She told us that we were going to sleep at her house that night because we would be crazy to go back home even though we live literally 5 minute walk away. ha ha ha. So, she was just SO giving and loving. We were so thankful to meet her and we really feel like we have found a way in. We tried teaching a lesson to her and I was totally up for shmees commitment to ask everyone I know to come to Christ and be baptized but... she said her favorite drama was on... So we decided to ask the question in more of a spiritual atmosphere. we will be going back:) But it was such a tender mercy to meet such a giving loving wonderful woman like her. She is Mokpo's next member;) I just know it. 

Also this week talking to you and the family was SUCH a blessing. I just love you all so much. To the moon and back:)

With Christmas this last week we were SO filled with joy and love. Just spreading the word of God to the people in Mokpo. Such a blessing. Christ lives. He WAS born. He DID come to earth and he HAS redeemed us from our sins to be able to live with God again. I know it. I love my savior. I love being a missionary during Christmas. So special. 

Sorry today's e-mail is a bit short. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. How much I love being a missionary. How much I love my Savior. For all those who read my words. Yes, even you mom and dad. SERVE A MISSION. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT!!!!! What possibly could come from serving a mission that would be negative... nothing. I say NAY!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!! It is only positive. I love my mission. I love the ups and I'm learning from the downs. I am learning who my Savior and our Heavenly Father really are and I love them. Oh I love them. I know its only through this church, this perfect path made by the savior himself, that we can return to live with our eternal families and Merciful God and Savior. I love you to the moon and back.

Sister Nicolle Ensign

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