Monday, May 20, 2013

I have joy!

So this week was just the greatest!!!!!! Like oh my goodness, I might want to extend my mission for eternity... like I just want to become the next Alma and serve for 14 years. ha ha. Even though I say this I was thinking yesterday how great it would be to go to Costco with you and dad and eat some chocolate covered ice cream. ha ha. Anyways, so great!!!!!!! Love being a missionary.
So this week we met a few more new investigators!!!!!!! we have been praying for 2 things - be friends with members and find new investigators and this week we saw miracles. Tonight we meet a new investigator and then on wed we will meet another new investigator! Right now we have 6 investigators and for just splitting a ward and only been working for about 2 weeks that is a miracle!!!!!! Not to mention the WARD LOVES US!!!!!!! Man I love it. Anyways. Last night we met our Chinese investigator,  Sister Kwan. She has met missionaries for 8months and for the first time yesterday she said she read the book of Mormon!!!!!!!!! Let just say I was BURSTING WITH JOY!!!!!!!! She is forced to attend this other church because they are paying for her and her family to live. She is EXTREMELY poor  and so her church is helping her. But she says she likes meeting with us:) So little by little she is coming unto Christ!!!!!! THEN!!!!!!!! On Friday we had our investigator, Sister Lee's wedding!!!!!! Beautiful and so fun!!!!!!! They asked us sisters to be the photographers and it was a dream come true. Everyone kept asking why there were so many Americans, ha ha, we proudly said we were missionaries. so we were able to introduce our selves to a lot of people. Sister Lee was so beautiful and it was fun trying to translate for her husbands mom,  who is American,  at the wedding. That was an interesting experience. ha ha. But fun. It is a good reminder to me of how much Korean the Lord has helped me learn. Amazing. And so this Saturday Sister Lee will get baptized!!!!!! Lets just say this week will be AMAZING. It is amazing to see the faith she has!!!!! She has so many questions about the church but she is relying on the faith that she does have to be baptized and come to Christ. Last week when we met we talked about prayer and WOW!!!!! She has amazing faith. I love her so much!!!! I cant believe how much God has blessed me to be able to be the spokes person for the spirit in teaching her how to come unto Christ! Please pray for her this week!!!!Thank you!!!!!!!!
Training is going well. I am of course soaked up to my neck in stress but its the good stress. It's the stress that makes me not want to quit and not to give in to Satan's doubt filling thoughts. The lord has helped me have confidence. This week when we had comp inventory,  my comp complimented me on our obedience. I truly believe that when we are exactly obedient then the lord will do the rest. That is something I have tried to do is just to be SO obedient. I have seen SO many blessings come from it!!!!!!!! But yes, my companion is amazing. She has thyroid problems and so she gets tired easily and on top of missionary work, she is exhausted. But she loves it. One day she said to me "this is no longer my body, I gave it to the Lord for a year and a half". Umm... okay talk about the greatest quote!!!! She is amazing. I am blessed to be her companion. And no,  I am not really training her. We are just learning together. I love her.
Well,  I love you. Thanks, like always for the prayers and love and everything!!!!!! I pray for you every day!!!!!! I read this scripture this morning for personal study and loved it. Alma 27:27 - And thus we see the great call of diligence of men to labor in the vineyards of the Lord; and thus we see the great readon of sorrow, and also of rejoicing. Sorrow because of death and destruction among men and joy because of the light of Christ unto life."  This verse is the story of my life,  ha ha. Even though much diligence as a laborer I still see \sorrow because of Satan and the agency of man adhering to the natural man.  But,  I also see much Joy. I see people exercising their agency for good. Putting off the natural man and trying to become like Jesus Christ. That joy replaces the sorrow. I have much reason to be happy!!!! I especially have hope and joy because I know who I have trusted! I know I belong to Christ's church. I know what I know is true. It is true. And for that reason I have much joy!!!!!! I love you mom. Thank you for everything. Yes there is sorrow all around us but there is also good. A lot of good! God is with us and he will not leave us. And for that we can have peace and joy. I love you to the moon and back!!!!!
Sister Collie Ensign

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