Sunday, June 16, 2013

I have no idea what Gods plans are for me or for any of us, but they are perfect....

Mom I loved your email. Thank you so much. And all the pictures were perfect and I just loved it!!!!!!!!!!. Dad, happy fathers day. I sent you your book thing like mom in the mail last week, sorry it will be late.... But happy fathers day. I want you to remember that you are the best dad in the world and I am not just saying that.
Dedicated to dad
'I'm so glad when daddy comes home, glad as I can be. I put my arms around his neck and hug him tight like this . I pat his cheeks and give him WHAT..... A GREAT BIG KISS.... MUAH". ha ha. Love you dad. Sorry I couldn't remember the words exactly. But I love you to the moon and back. Thanks for always being someone I am glad who comes home and someone I am glad to come home to:)
Umm okay bubba... since when do you look like a man? You actually look like cute and stuff... like datable.... weird..... haha. And Samantha reading your scriptures:) AGH I just have the greatest family!!!!!!! I am glad to see Grandma is still sticken to Grandpa and I can just imagine her saying "Oh Richard....". ha ha.  Love you grandma. I love you and Grandpa. Happy fathers day Grandpa:)
The boat looks like a blast!!!!!!!!!!! AGH we will sleep every night for 3 months on the boat when I get home. ha ha. No work, just play. ha ha. oh dreams... 
So two quick questions. Are you still going to buy the house in Idaho and the other question; Sister Gelder said that on my Blog there was something about us moving? I don't think that is right but please let me know. ha ha.
Well today we got transfer calls and I am staying in Jeounju and I am still training. Thank the heavens because I couldn't be happier. ahha.
Quickly I want to bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon. OH MY GOODNESS I love this Book. It is true. Plain and simple. It is true and there is no false hope about it. It is true and I trust it. I trust it's promise in Moroni 10 and I trust the words written by the prophets contained in the book. I know its true. This week I have tried to use the crap out of the book of Mormon while I have been teaching and finding. If only people would read the book and pray about it, they would be members. We visited a convert and she said she does not have a testimony about the book. She later said she doesn't feel like she has a testimony of the gospel. Her problem is the book of Mormon. If we get a testimony of the Book of Mormon, we will know the church is true. And it is.
So lets talk miracles for a second..... umm like God is WAY to merciful!!!!!!!!!! My companion is still sick.... we are going to a special dr. on Tuesday..... But even with her sick we have found 2 now investigators and one of them is GOLDEN. Like I know I sometimes throw that word out too much. But she is amazing. She met the missionaries almost 15 years ago and saw them off and on, but now is finally wanting to meet again. We met her and she wouldn't let us leave. She kept us past an hour and just kept asking questions. Her questions showed us that God has truly prepared her. For example she asked "if god talked through prophets back then, why does he still not talk to us through prophets? Another; is it normal that I feel the same spirit when I read the bible as when I read the book of Mormon? I shared my testimony of the book of Mormon and said "Sister, your soul is hungry and the book of Mormon is your food". She then said "When I read the book of Mormon, my souls questions were answered....."..... umm okay right out of PMG.... aha ha. She is amazing. I am so blessed to be able to teach her. We are asking her to be baptized next week because we didn't have time last week. literally no time. ha ha. So I will keep you updated on her progress. Her name is Sister Song.
The other miracle was the recent convert, sister Kim me Ja. She was baptized last October and has not been able to come to church because right after she was baptized her husband had a brain hemorrhage and was in the hospital. He is still in  the hospital and we visit almost every other week. she has the faith of a giant. Well when I first came to this area we visited and from looking at her husband I thought for sure he would die.... Lack of faith. But we have been praying and visiting and praying. The elders gave him a priesthood blessing. I personally loved visiting because when I visited with Sister Kim I thought of Aunt Wendy taking care of Chelsea. Two amazing, selfless women that I love. Well I love to visit. and Sister Kim LOVES me because I worked at a hospital so she feels comfort when I come. (I don't think she feels comfort because of my previous working experience.... maybe because.... missionary....... :). Well this week we visited..... MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! So every time we visit he is not really awake. His body was going through what Chels went through. Well when we visited, he was trying to walk and talk. He would look at us, understand us and it was just amazing. At first when I saw him I was in utter shock and Sister Kim was smiling from ear to ear. And then the next thing I felt was utter jealousy.... Why couldn't Chels turn out like him. Why was it opposite. I was SO jealous. Like beyond jealous. But then seeing the hope in Sister Kims eyes made me re-direct my thoughts. I am just so happy for her. Especially happy that she will never have to experience what Aunt Wendy and Uncle Rich have had to experience. That is a blessing. That is a miracle that she doesn't have to go through the pain that Aunt Wendy and Uncle Rich went through. Now after I prayed about my jealousy I was sweetly reminded of Gods plan. I have no idea what his plans are for me or for any of us. But they are perfect. Yes I am sad aunt Wendy and Uncle Rich had to go through what they did, but because of her example in how she "turned out", I will be eternally grateful . Yes I love blessings. But the examples of others leave more of a lasting impression. Yes Jesus Christ was the greatest blessing, but I am eternally grateful for the pain he went through and the EXAMPLE he was through the pain. PERFECT example. Yes a lot of times I just want blessings. But to be an example to someone is even more special. I'm not asking for a reason to be an example, but I have learned a valuable lesson.
This week was amazing. So many miracles and happiness to be felt. I love this work. A few weeks ago was tough but I have seen the hand of God on my right side and on my left and I have been lifted by his angels. I love this work. Thank you for everything.
I love you to the moon and back...
Sister Cole Ensign

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